Yacht Broker and Boat Dealer on the French Riviera

22 August 2015

Indeed, Allied Yachting is also a Certified Boat Dealer for the following renowned brands:

  • Astondoa Yachts
  • Carver Yachts
  • Gianetti Yacht
  • Marquis Yachts

We are also direct partners for the marketing in France & the Principality of Monaco of the following shipyards:

  • Dreamline Yachts
  • Italia Super Yacht
  • The Italian Sea Group (Admiral Yachts, Tecnomar Yachts)

Whether you choose to work with a broker or boat dealer, make sure to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable professional. To find the right person, you have to ask the right questions.

Understand your options

If you’re going to buy a boat or list and sell your boat, you must understand who is who since you can enlist the services of a professional yacht broker or a boat dealer to help you navigate smoothly through the process. The professional you choose often depends on the type and size of model you’re buying or selling.

Yacht Broker

A professional broker, who works for a brokerage firm or as an agent for such firm, earns a commission in exchange for handling all of the details of a sale. Allied Yachting begins from assessing a fair value for a model to placing ads, managing sea trials and surveys, securing financing and closing the deal. Commissions are usually 10 percent of the sale price, though that may vary depending on your boat and your location. While a broker can equally handle new boat sales, many buyers and sellers use brokers for used boats because of their knowledge of the market.
A broker can facilitate the sale of any brand or type of boat, production or custom; a good broker has a deep knowledge of the marketplace and is familiar with all of the offerings in a yachtsman’s price range, brand, and size preferences.

Allied Yachting is a great choice also for the yachtsman buying or selling a superyacht. The sale of a big vessel can be simplified with our professional assistance and expertise, as we know how to handle this more complex business transaction, which requires survey, sea-trial, documentation, and the like.

Certified Boat Dealer

A certified boat dealer like Allied Yachting also specializes in the sale of specific brands offered by a boat manufacturer, and is an excellent choice for the person in search of a new model from a particular builder.

Because we represent renowned brands, we will have a thorough knowledge of the makes we sell, including what’s available and what is coming down the line from a manufacturer in the future. In addition, we can further help a sailor acquire a new boat that’s equipped and powered to his preference, which is something a broker can’t do as he typically deals with listings of boats that have already been built.

Boat Dealers like us also often take “trade-ins” or “part-exchange” to facilitate the sale of a new boat. Dealers advertise their trade-ins, often at very good deals. Some dealers will refurbish the boat before putting it back on the market. In some cases, we’ll even offer a pre-owned boat limited warranty program.

Therefore, we also sell used boats, many of which have been taken in on trade, and our expertise on used boats from the manufacturer we represent is thorough, moreover, we possess a substantial database of potential buyers for those brands/models.

Thus, we’re also a good source for the purchase of a used model from the builder(s) we represent.

Also, if you need to make a trade to buy a new boat, a dealer is the best choice because we can finalize the trade quickly. A broker, on the other hand, can offer to help you sell your used boat while helping you shop for another model. That process generally requires more time.

Making an Offer on a New Boat

Some Buyers will try to address the shipyard directly since they believe that a Boat Dealers will make the vessel more expensive since we’ll earn a margin. This is generally false since we know each shipyard’s building costs and pricing of previous hulls as well as the previous sales pricing; therefore we have much more arguments to help a prospective buyer to better negotiate the purchase of a new or trade-in yacht, even earning a living.

Depending on whether the vessel is custom built, semi-custom, or a production model, there is usually a basic cost, plus transportation expenses from the builder to the dealership, plus optional equipment and installation.

Money Savings

At Allied Yachting, we will duly inform you every possible savings involved in the purchase of a new model or the construction of a new yacht, as well as any possible savings associated with trade-in units. Price negotiations may include making your new boat available to present at different yacht shows or other prospective buyers in the future.

After Sales Services

We will also ensure a proper delivery and hand-over associated with your purchase, whether it is new or pre-owned, and including abundant piloting and maintenance training for you and/or your crew.

We will also insure proper warranty follow-up with different on-site suppliers.

We will also help you find moorage (or a berth) as well as yacht maintenance and repair specialists or facilities.

Our experience in the French and Italian Riviera waters can help you chart a course for great day, weekend or longer trips. We can connect you with boat clubs, races and rendezvous sponsored by builders and dealerships.

Plus, you’ve got a new boating friend for life.

On the other hand, we can also help you register and crew your yacht and propose our tailor-made YACHT MANAGEMENT services leaving you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing freely and without constraints.

Customer Satisfaction

For your convenience, we are also fluent in English, French Russian and Italian.

At Allied Yachting, we definitely have all the right skills, know-how, network and contacts that enable you to get the boat you want. We are hard-working yacht brokers as well as boat dealers and we want you to be happy with your boat, so you’ll remember us when you’re ready to trade up.