Yacht Broker on the French Riviera to List and Sell Your Boat why choose Allied Yachting

31 August 2015

If you’re ready to sell your boat or yacht, a key decision you’ll need to make is whether to sell it yourself or through a yacht broker. Basically, if you sell the boat yourself, you won’t need to pay a broker’s commission, but without assistance, it will often take you longer to sell and you may have to settle for a lower price. Generally, sellers work with brokers more often when the boats are newer, larger, and/or more expensive, but there are many other reasons to list vessels of all sizes and conditions with Allied Yachting.

Selling a boat is usually complex and involves considerable value to risk doing it on your own. At Allied Yachting, we work hard to facilitate the sale of each of our listings and to protect the interest of our clients.

Some countries require licensing of yacht sales professionals and most serious firms adhere to federations or associations like MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) involving various qualifications, experiences, and proven adherence to ethical codes, procedures and rules of conduct. Most brokers on the French or Italian Riviera will prefer to work with a “Central Agency Listing” with the owner/seller. Essentially, this means your broker will manage, in exclusivity, all of the communications and information flow about the listing between you, other brokers, and potential buyers. Our company will also manage non-exclusive listings called “Direct Listings”.

Finding the Right Yacht Broker is Essential in the Successful Sale of your Boat

Choosing the right broker is an important step in selling your boat. It is usually best to choose a broker who already represents boats similar to yours, and who operate their business close to where your boat is located.

Along with managing the communication and information flow, working with a professional provides a number of significant advantages. Brokers have a network of clients and may have a number of buyers in mind right from the start. We know the market well, especially in our territory, and we have a solid understanding of how to properly price a boat or yacht.

Besides our own group’s powerful websites like www.alliedyachting.com or www.luxemarine.ru, another advantage is that working with Allied Yachting gets you simultaneously on the pages of most high-exposure adverting media like YachtWorld, Boats.com, iNautia, CosasDeBarcos, TopBoats, Boat24, YachtDepo, TheYachtMarket.com, Boatshop24, MondialBroker… amongst others. These are the largest online photo and video databases of new and used motor and sailboats for sale and they are only available to eligible brokerage firms and dealerships that represent multiple vessels for sale on behalf of owners/sellers.

Our Network

Specializing in the sale of new-buildings and second-hand yachts, Allied Yachting has been established in Cannes and since 2009 on the Mediterranean coast from Italy to Monaco, France and Spain, with recent partnerships in Turkey and the Middle-East.

The company occupies strategic locations at the prestigious ports of the coast to welcome and serve its customers.

A network of brokers and agents selected by Allied Yachting for their professionalism and their skills assist the company in most destinations along the coast to best serve customers of the luxury Yachting market.

Thanks to their know-how, they complement our expertise to advise clients in the acquisition of their future Yacht, be it new or pre-owned and constantly estimate the values of the vessels available on the second-hand market.

Through the years, we’ve collected an extensive contact data base of all international brokerage firms, and over 7,000 qualified yacht owners, prospective buyers and charter customers.

How Much will it Cost to List your Yacht with Us?

Our firm only charges a commission when the vessel is sold. This commission amounts generally 10% of the gross sales price and will be set in writing when the seller signs the listing agreement. If another broker introduces a buyer, the total commission will normally be shared between us and never changes the total agreed commission. We work cooperatively with most reputable international firms in the business; this is called “co-brokerage”.

At our firm, part of the potential earnings on each sale, are actually invested for the adequate promotion of your boat.

What we Commit to do for the Seller

We will make every sale go smoothly right from the very beginning of the process. Here are some of the steps we’ll take to sell your boat:

Understand your Motivation(s) – At Allied Yachting, we are savvy enough to understand sellers have different motivations, whilst some boats need to be sold at a fair market value, others need to be more aggressively priced and promoted.

Determine a fair asking price – To ensure a timely sale, it is essential to ask a fair price. We can assist in establishing a market value for the boat, depending on your motivations and through access to actual competitive and sold boat data in our multiple on-line tools. In every case, we will commit to obtain the highest possible value for your boat.

Prepare an advertising strategy – We will outline a plan of how a boat is to be advertised in the most appropriate media. Indeed, our objective is to devise a strategy that has the best chance of reaching the most interested and qualified potential buyers for your boat.

Prepare the listing for the public – We will professionally prepare the complete listing with a detailed inventory and updated pictures and layouts, outlining the features and condition of your yacht, for distribution in various electronic and printed media, for print and email distribution to clients and other brokers, and for distribution to prospects at boat shows, open houses, and walk-in inquiries.

Prepare the listing for the broker-to-broker Multiple Listing Service – When listing your boat with Allied Yachting, we will also prepare the listing for co-brokerage using the industry’s media reserved to professionals.

Reactiveness – Our Company’s policy is to address every enquiry within 24 hours maximum. We will also inform the seller periodically of all enquiries and the progress in each negotiation, as well as objections to purchase.

Prepare the boat – We will advise you of any improvements that should be made to make your boat more competitive in today’s market, identify possible issues, objections to purchase and solutions, and help organize upgrades and possible repairs. We will also help locate easy-access moorings, berths or storage for the duration of the listing.

Boat Shows – They are also one of the best avenues to market your yacht. Whilst yacht show participations are generally at the charge of the seller, we will consider a limited number of exceptions and we will assist you in determining the appropriate show(s) to present your yacht and fully organize and propose her showing.

Provide our professional know-how – We understand the principals of the brokerage profession—things like certificates of ownership, security agreements, bills of sale, and other documents required to register and transfer titles of different boats. We also understand maritime and admiralty liens for the type of vessels we represent, as well as mortgaging and transferring title to documented vessels. We deal all the time with agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements, and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds.

Assist with the sea trial and survey – The buyer will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the surveys and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection. We will always attend the sea trial and marine survey and help you determine how any discovered deficiencies should be addressed in the purchase negotiations.

Employ our art of negotiation – We use our position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving towards a satisfactory conclusion.

Customer Satisfaction

For your convenience, we are fluent in English, French, Russian and Italian.

At Allied Yachting, you will definitely find all the right skills, know-how, network, tools and contacts that enable you to sell your boat. We bring a lot to the sales process and we want you to be satisfied with the sale, so you’ll remember us when you’re ready to purchase your next yacht. We will even look forward to your testimonials after a successful transaction.

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