Why choose Allied Yachting professional approach to integrated yacht management solutions

12 September 2015

In many ways, owning a luxury yacht is equivalent to owning a company. Any yacht needs Yacht Management solutions: the boat has to be professionally maintained, budgets and expenditure have to be controlled, and everyday operations need to be in the hands of capable people.

But wasn’t your intention when buying a yacht to have a place on which to relax and entertain guests, not to create more hassle?

This is why employing a yacht management company makes such good sense.

Let the professionals at Allied Yachting ensure your yacht runs smoothly, leaving you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing in peace. We are used to working in close cooperation with captains and senior crew members to manage every aspect of the business.


Allied Yachting has been providing international owners integrated Yacht Management solutions since its conception. Based in Cannes, we benefit from a close relationship with the European yacht operation, shipyards, port authorities and supply cluster mainly on the French Riviera.

Our professional staff is fluent in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.


We would always recommend that owners contact us at an early stage of the acquisition process, ideally before any agreement to build or purchase is signed as the final choice of registration will impact on various contractual and practical aspects of the process.

It is our philosophy that every owner has a unique set of circumstances and requirements and therefore we approach every situation on a bespoke case by case basis taking into account various considerations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Nationality of the yacht owner
  • Residence of the yacht’s principal user(s) and their guests
  • Specifications of the yacht (length and tonnage being particularly important)
  • Existing registration of yacht (if any)
  • Availability of historical proof of ownership/title documentation for yacht
  • Usage of the yacht (i.e. private or for charter)
  • VAT or equivalent tax status of the yacht
  • Area of navigation and primary homeport/country of use
  • Specific crew and operational considerations

Notwithstanding the above-listed considerations, we believe it important that simple owner preference should always be the principal factor in the final choice of the registry.

Through Allied Yachting Yacht Management program and different partnerships, we are able to help to register yachts in all principal jurisdictions recognized in Europe and the Mediterranean.

The yacht registration procedure is by its very nature complicated and time-consuming. By utilizing our services, yacht owners and their advisers are able to efficiently delegate all formalities concerning the process.

On receipt of instructions to proceed, Allied Yachting will endeavour to complete the registration of the yacht in the shortest possible time, through close liaison (where applicable) with builders, other brokers, previous owners and the appropriate registration authority.

Also, in instances where a yacht needs to sail before the completion of registration formalities, we will whenever possible, provide temporary registration documentation.


Your safety, your guests’, charter parties’ and the crew is an obvious priority. There are many different rules and regulations, constantly evolving, that need to be taken into account, and our advice on these issues is tailored to your particular situation.

With our permanent contacts with MCA surveyors, for example, we can assure that your commercial registry will always be upheld and updated. We will schedule for yearly commercial registry inspections (surveys) and we’ll follow-up adequately on them.

We can also plan and apply for a NEW commercial registry (MCA, RIF or NUC French Commercial, Malta Commercial, Madeira Commercial, Cayman Islands Commercial, RINA, RINAVE etc..).


At Allied Yachting, we understand the importance of meticulously planned preventative maintenance. In fact, your comfort levels and the future resale of your yacht depend upon it.

Our services include:

  • Drawing up long-term maintenance plans together with the crew and according to manufacturers’ guidelines, class societies and flag state regulations.
  • Fast resolution of any faults that may occur, including contacts with suppliers and quick delivery of spare parts.
  • Advice on selection subcontractors; ensuring contacts and contracts run smoothly so you get the service you deserve.
  • Keeping flag and class certificates up to date through surveys, reports and recommendations.
  • Inviting quotations for repair work, paint jobs and refits; advice and support on making the right decision.
  • Project management: On-site supervision available for major refits. Close monitoring of planning and budgeting in liaison with senior officers and shipyard’s staff.


Partnering with your senior crew members, Allied Yachting will facilitate the day-to-day running of your yacht.

Examples include:

  • Finding the right berth in the right marina at the right time for you.
  • Fast and reliable bunkering, plus periodical analysis of oil and fuel samples to ensure compliance and detect abnormalities.
  • Provisioning and supplies: From fine wines to local delicacies and exceptional products, we have the contacts.
  • Communications: Cost-effective contracts for voice, broadband, internet, VSAT and GSM connections.
  • Transportation: Wherever you wish to cruise, we can arrange safe and swift transportation of yacht and crew, as well as the owners or charterers.
  • Catering and Events: Any special needs in food, beverages and on-board events (essential for chartering yachts).
  • Onshore support and logistics: From forwarding crew mail to upgrading your satellite TV or internet/plotter/weather fax subscription.


How much you enjoy spending time on your yacht is directly related to the quality of the crew. They are both your employees and people with whom you share space during your precious leisure time. Finding and retaining the right people is crucial and Allied Yachting generates considerable added value in this respect.

Examples include:

  • Proposing and recruitment of crew members, verifying qualifications and drawing up contracts.
  • Setting up medical and health insurance services.
  • Ensuring that flag state manning levels and relevant STCW 95 standards are respected.


Allied Yachting has contacts and partnerships on the French Riviera of course, but also in Russia, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, Italy, the UK, Holland and throughout the Mediterranean, providing you with access to dedicated charter and finance services. This is an important benefit to actively exploit your yacht commercially. Allied Yachting can organize this for you in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Allied Yachting has been successfully chartering yachts, from 40 to 325 feet, throughout the Mediterranean, with repetitive international customers.


VAT matters for luxury yachts:

  • Owners of yachts affected by the VAT rules need to consider how to legitimately reduce the tax burden.
  • With this objective in mind, a tax planning exercise has been devised by Allied Yachting in conjunction with international tax experts from the leading accounting firms, to defer, and potentially to reduce the VAT payable on larger yachts.

Cargo Transportation:

  • Once the next destination for your yacht has been decided, Allied Yachting can help transfer it from its present location by sea or road and at the most competitive rates.


In summary, our services objective is to make yacht ownership easy with the help of our Yacht Management solutions.