Goldwater Trawlers

14 March 2019

A great trawler is a delicate combination of grace and strength. A yacht must appeal to the senses – It must have graceful lines and a beauty that draws an admiring second look at the dock or at sea. However, in an ocean-going trawler, beauty must not be “only skin deep.”

The trawler must also be designed, engineered, and built to the highest standards of quality to be capable of taking you, your family, and your guests in safety and comfort anywhere in the world.

Our GOLDWATER Trawler line tarts at 35’ up to 65’ Combining classic craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology Combining classic craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and quality, GOLDWATER is producing a growing line of ocean trawlers for the discerning passage maker.

Whether cruising the Mediterranean and the French Riviera’s islands or fluvial, canal and lake cruising inland Europe, GOLDWATER trawlers have proven that they are up to the challenge. We invite you to explore the beauty and strength of the GOLDWATER Trawlers here by clicking on the menu items above SALE – NEW CONSTRUCTION. Would you like even more?

Contact us for detailed information, or better yet, build your own GOLDWATER Trawler – by allowing us to assist in configuring one just right for your needs. We’ll expedite a return budget and delivery plan.

The entire line of GOLDWATER Trawlers is offered by Allied Yachting, in Cannes (France) serving and delivering the Western Mediterranean and throughout Europe.

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