Yachting Management

In partnership with Luxembourg Marine Services (LMS S.A.), Allied Yachting Agents has developed a reputable and quality program of Yachting Management, mainly dedicated to Superyachts. This is a complete tailor-made maritime management, covering all aspects related to the operational activities of your Vessel (whether it is Pleasure or Commercial for the Charter) and her Crew.

LMS S.A. was incorporated in 1994 and provides Maritime services in three main sectors: Merchant Navy, Oil & Gas platforms, and Yachting.

Our joint program is now responsible for the Maritime Management of over 35 Vessels, in the service of an international Clientele based predominantly in Europe and the United Kingdom, but also in the United States, Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kuwait.

With more than 25 years of experience operating within the Merchant Navy (Cargo ships, Tankers etc.) with all of the rigor that this requires, we have developed a Yachting Management approach focused mainly on a regular and professional technical follow-up, as well as an optimization of the operational costs of our Client’s vessels.

Whilst LMS’s headquarters are based in Luxembourg, they have recently opened a new Front-Office in Monaco to ensure close proximity to all vessels based in the Mediterranean.

LMS is officially accredited as a Ship-Manager by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, and as a provider of ISM and ISPS services by several flag authorities for vessels over 500 GT under official Document of Compliance (DOC).

Our program now has vessels in operation under a wide variety of International Maritime Flags: Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Malta, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands (amongst others).

This program features a global “all-in” solution of Yachting Management including a full range of services to assure a professional and efficient maritime management perfectly tailored to the Owners’ wishes and needs, allowing him to fully enjoy his yacht at all times:

Ship Owning-Company incorporation

  • EU Company, United Kingdom, Malta etc.
  • Off-shore structure

Accounting, Legal & Corporate services

Assistance with VAT status

  • Private Status
  • Commercial Status / Charters & VAT Exemptions
  • Temporary EU Importation for non-EU Residents

Flag Registration

  • EU Flag
  • Offshore Flag

Operational full-Management for your Superyacht

  • Crew Services & MLC Compliance
  • Maritime Management
  • Technical Support
  • Safety Management ISM/ISPS

New Construction Yachts follow-up by accredited Technical Surveyors

  • In addition to the ongoing Yachting Management, we also provide Construction Overview services for vessels being built in International Shipyards
  • Set up of the global Project according to the Owner’s expectations, advice on the Yacht Construction Contract, analysis of the Technical Specifications, recommendation on the Makers-list etc.
  • Our Technical Team works in close collaboration with all involved parties: the Designers, the Shipyard, the Classification Society, and the Flag State Surveyors
  • We arrange Workshops at the Shipyard to optimize and customize the equipment, Interior decoration, and lay-out accommodations to perfectly fit the Owner’s requirements

Thus, our Yachting Management program provides a cost-effective full range of services, on all aspect of the Ship Owning Structure and the Operational Activities of the Yacht. The detailed scope of services is adjusted to perfectly fit the Owner’s needs:

Corporate services to the Ship Owning Company

  • Administrative, Accounting and Financial services
    • Assistance in the Purchase process and Shipyards’ Benchmark,
    • Advice and set-up of the ownership structure (Company incorporation, Registration status, VAT, Flag etc.),
    • Provision of local Director(s),
    • Operational budgets, running costs and planning,
    • Day-to-day bookkeeping,
    • Receipt and processing of invoices,
    • Cash-flow monitoring,
    • Periodic accounting and financial reporting to the Owner or Owner’s representative(s),
    • VAT Return(s),
    • Financial statements,
    • Administrative assistance for current matters.

Maritime services to the Vessel

  • Crew
    • SEA “Seafarer Employment Agreements” – MLC compliant for all Crew members,
    • Issuing Payroll and payment of Crew wages,
    • Formalities with the Social Security administration and/or Private Crew Insurance,
    • Crew training,
    • Logistics support,
    • Assistance on providing professional and qualified Crew (Captain, 2dn Officer, Chief-Engineer, Chef-Cook, Seafarer, Stewardess etc.).
  • Vessel
    • Registration formalities with the Flag Authorities,
    • Management of the ship’s administrative file (Registration Certificates and Renewals, Surveys and follow-up),
    • Monitoring and maintenance of the ship’s classification, scheduling, and organization of classification inspections,
    • General support for Social, Legal and Technical matters,
    • Charter Management according to MYBA, FIN & ECPY Terms & Conditions, (Administered under a specific Central Agency agreement – Monaco located Stakeholder),
    • Advice on Hull & Machinery and Protection & Indemnity subscription (our Yachts are insured by first class underwriters),
    • As most of our Yachts Fleet is insured by the same Insurers, we are able to achieve excellent premiums, the best conditions, and close support in the event that a claim occurs.
  • Technical Management
    • Construction Follow-up by dedicated Surveyors and Maritime Specialists,
    • Technical visits onboard and reporting to the Ship-Owner,
    • Technical support and Assistance in organizing the annual servicing,
    • Technical supervision of refits, repairs, modifications or improvements made at the request of and in accordance with the Owner’s requirements.
  • Safety Management – ISM*/DPA > 500 GT*
    *Maritime Responsibility for Safety Management, regarding “International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea” requirements:

    • Safety Management System – ISM Code Compliant,
    • ISPS – Security management,
    • Provision of DPA and CSO,
    • Emergency Procedures,
    • Flag State and external Safety audit management,
    • Crewmember Training for Safety rules and procedures,
    • MLC (Maritime Labour Convention 2006) – Ongoing on-board management.