Why use Allied Yachting as your Yacht Charter Broker

18 August 2015

The term “yacht broker” can sometimes be confused with the term “yacht charter broker”. A yacht broker acts as an agent in the sale of yachts, rather than the ‘rent’, hire or charter time on yachts.

A yacht charter broker specializes in the ‘charter’ of fully crewed luxury yachts used by customers for holidays/vacations or events (generally static and at dockside). At Allied Yachting we carry out both roles and develop both activities.

In our company, these activities are specialized and clearly distinguished.

Whether you are planning your first luxury yacht vacation, you are a seasonal charterer or you wish to organize a memorable event, the insider knowledge and experience of a charter broker is fundamental to a successful experience. The industry is constantly evolving with many variables and legislations, so having an expert in the business to offer advice can be invaluable for successfully planning and achieving your ideal cruising vacation.

Other than the challenge of finding a suitable yacht, the compelling reason to use us as your rental broker is simple: it is Allied Yachting main objective to compare all available charter yachts first and propose the client the appropriate choices afterwards. Our suggestions of unbiased, safe expert and objective assistance come at no cost whatsoever for you.

Choosing the Ideal Yacht for your Charter

Renting a fully crewed yacht is a complex matter and we often talked to clients who had never chartered before.

We will begin by identifying the type of accommodations you need and prefer, the type and size of other spaces on the yacht both for your activities inside and outside, the type of amenities and water toys you like, your budget, and not to forget where you’d like to charter as well as the style of yacht. We’ll also identify the crew profile that may attend better to your guests or family requirements.

Brokers Know the Boats

At Allied Yachting, we have access to every fully crewed, private or commercial yacht available for charter as we visit boat shows and periodically inspect these vessels, so we know what each one has to offer. We also know their managers and crew members, and know the right questions to ask based on our demanding clientele.

We book and rent yachts for charterers every season, throughout the year, which results in understanding every possible situation and being trained to expertly match charterer to yacht.
There is no need for you to discover expensive pitfalls from inexperience.

Extensive Knowledge of Destinations

Planning your dream vacation or your event will require an extensive knowledge of charter destinations as well as our advise on the best places to visit, which yachts are able to cruise there and any different rules, taxes and regulations applying in those cruising or dockside static areas.

We are established in Cannes, the heart of the French Riviera and spend time travelling and visiting several of the spectacular destinations in the Mediterranean to better propose them to our customers.

Thanks to our port relations, we also handle static berth applications in different ports throughout the Riviera and we’re generally granted preferential locations.


Once you’ve chosen the yacht, Allied Yachting will guide you through the entire process completely free of charge because our fees are paid by the yacht’s owner. We will also guide you through the whole booking and contractual process as well as safety regulations and/or applicable taxes, legislation or formalities requiring attention in the different countries and ports you are visiting.

Yachting Professionals Associations

At Allied Yachting we adhere to the most reputable yachting professionals associations like the Port Canto’s Group of Professionals. Being member of MYBA for example (The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), involves various qualifications, experiences, and proven adherence to ethical codes, procedures and rules of conduct in the benefit of our clients. Through these associations, we then have access to ALL reputable crewed charter yachts worldwide and the use of proven contracts that protect our clients.

How we Work for You

Our role is to represent you, the client, as your charter broker, helping you identify the ideal yacht and providing unbiased and useful advice based on our experience, knowledge, and awareness of available yachts for rent that may best suit your particular needs.

We are available for your enquiries 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We manage client’s deposits professionally and place funds in an escrow type account when applicable, prepare and help you understand the appropriate contracts.

From the contracts and payment requirements to preparing your navigation itinerary and menu preferences, we will also provide you with permanent on-shore support, weather forecasts, special requirements, provisions and booking of berth/mooring places in different ports.

We also have the policy to be present at embarkation and disembarkation in order to understand the quality of the services we’ve helped provide for you, as well as the settling of any outstanding accounts.

Money Savings

We are committed to each of our customers to negotiate the best possible charter rate depending on the season/duration.

We will also bring our know-how to best make savings on expenses, provisions, fuel, berthing arrangements and other expenditures.

To best serve you, we encourage you to initially have a look at our luxury yacht charter fleet.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong?

While the majority of yacht charters proceed in good conditions and uneventfully, occasionally an issue may come up. In these very rare situations, we are here to be on your side helping solve the issue.

All charter contracts are between the client and the actual owner(s) of the yacht, so while we cannot dictate a solution for you to the owner(s), we can help you work towards a satisfactory outcome based on our experience and reputation within the business.

Customer Satisfaction

For your convenience, we are fluent in English, French, Russian and Italian.

At Allied Yachting, you will definitely find all the right skills, know-how, network and contacts that enable you to rent the boat you need. We are hard-working and we want satisfied and recurring clients. We will even look forward to your testimonials after a successful charter.

Ready to Book your Charter?

Thus, if you are planning a vacation or an event, we recommend that you use our services as a qualified yacht charter broker. The most important is to work with a professional who understands you. It’s worth your time, and there is no extra charge to work with an expert like us!