Rent a Private Yacht in French Riviera

2 May 2016

If you wish to rent a private yacht in French Riviera or charter your private boat in South of France, this is possible through Allied Yachting offering rental services for yacht owners and charterers in the Mediterranean, whether they are motorboats, sailboats, luxury yachts, superyachts or mega-yachts.

Indeed, we propose professionally crewed luxury yachts (over 24 metres), superyachts (over 30 metres) and mega-yachts (over 50 metres), sailing or motorboats.

Let’s start by a few definitions:


The French Riviera is one of the preferred yachting destinations in the world. Yachting refers to the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for leisure and sporting purposes. Both terms originate from the Dutch word jacht ‘hunt’. With sailboats, it’s called sailing, and with motorboats, it’s called power boating.

Competitive yachting is simply the activity of racing yachts. Many regattas are held yearly on the Riviera.

Yachting has become a lifestyle in our Mediterranean region. Cruising in yachts involves travelling on a boat, whether across a bay, from island to island in the Mediterranean or across a sea or ocean. Safe cruising across long distances requires a degree of self-sufficiency and a wide range of skills beyond handling the boat. Knowledge of topics such as navigation, meteorology, mechanical and electrical systems, radio, first aid, sea survival, nutrition and more are needed and can be life saving when cruising to distant shores. In Europe, a system of certification courses is run by different marine authorities and Yachting Associations. Similar systems are offered by organizations in other countries and typically include a range of courses, both theoretical and practical for either coastal or offshore navigation.


Depending on the country, boating on coastal waters and inland waters may require a licence. Usually, commercial boating (or charter yachting) on coastal waters almost always requires a licence, while recreational boating on coastal waters only requires different licences depending on boat size (e.g. a length of 24 meters), or when charter yachts, passenger ships, ferries or tugboats are steered. Some of the member states of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe issue an International Certificate of Competence for either coastal or offshore navigation, even for international waters.


Often synonymous to yachting, boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether motor-boats, sailboats, or SuperYachts, focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities. It is one of the most popular activities on the French Riviera and attracts millions of boaters to the South of France.


In Europe, private yachts are different from Commercial Vessels (also called Coded Vessels), in the sense that they do not operate for financial gain.
These Private Yachts and Boats cannot be used for charter in Europe unless they comply with the following requirements (some restrictions and conditions may apply):


When you decide to rent a private yacht in French Riviera or charter your private boat in South of France, these are the mandatory requirements and formalities on the vessels:

  • They are VAT paid (tax paid) and sailing under a recognized European Flag*,
  • They are classified as CE Compliant,
  • They benefit from an insurance policy covering charter guests,
  • Have a Charter Management contract with a Charter Brokerage company established in France,
  • Use valid and recognized charter agreements (contracts), for every charter party leaving the port, with proof of payment,
  • Their Owners declare all charter revenue,
  • Their Owners remit VAT (pay taxes), on every charter they carry-out, through a registered and valid intracomunitary VAT number,
  • The cumulative charter period is limited to 3 months per year and alternating with private use of the boat,
  • Their safety and security equipment is compliant and they can attest of a valid revision,
  • All charters on the boat carry a valid Charter Agreement, and proof of payment, inclusive of VAT applicable in the country of embarkation, which they can show to European Customs or any other Maritime Authority in case of control,
  • They never carry more passengers on-board than the maximum indicated in the Builder’s Certificate,
  • If they are crewed, all crew members must be under a valid labour contract, insured and their professional qualifications must by compliant to the type of vessel and flagstate, including updated diplomas to provide emergency and medical care to save life on ships at sea,
  • If they are used as bareboat rentals, then the driver piloting the boat must also carry the appropriate diplomas and insurance.

*Through Allied Yachting Management Services, Temporary Admission for Charter purposes can be arranged in France to rent a private yacht in French Riviera or charter your private boat in South of France, even for vessels sailing a non-European Flag and not VAT paid.

Note: While you rent a private yacht in French Riviera or charter your private boat in South of France, you will generally not qualify for tax-free or tax-reduction on fuel, bunkering or consumables.

Feel free to contact our Yacht Management Services for more information on how to rent a private yacht in French Riviera or charter your private boat in South of France.