Charter a yacht for events

6 March 2016

Allied Yachting provides the following guide on how to charter a yacht for events, useful if you’re looking for the most appropriate vessel to rent for celebrating important corporate or private event yacht charters on board of a luxury yacht on the French Riviera:

Event industry nowadays shows budgets and versatility to an extreme extent. The French Riviera, and its world famous entertainment destinations, like Cannes and Monaco, became meeting points for the wealthy and famous of this world especially because of how many international entertainment, marketing, communications, real-estate and industrial events happen here every year. The Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, complemented by, real estate exhibitions like MIPIM, MAPIC, the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the Tax Free World exhibition of the duty-free industry – these are few of the many events held yearly on the French Riviera.

Before describing how to charter a yacht for events, it is important to know what are the possibilities of carrying-out an event on board of a yacht. Reasons are prestige and privacy. Even if you where to choose an affordable yacht for your corporate or private event yacht charters, your guests will feel special and important as they’re to be welcomed to a prestigious event in a glamorous destination… and this is what you want your guests to feel like, right ? – Almost all sorts of entertainment can be arranged on board of your event yacht charter, from traditional ones like live music or orchestra, a renowned DJ, night club, conference room with media and audiovisual support for business meetings, stage art and performances, to exotic ones like, for example… a skating show on ice!

If you would like to celebrate a private event and to invite many guests on board a rental boat, then some advises on how to charter a yacht for events can become very helpful.

When planning a small celebration with family and/or friends on a yacht, opt for a day-charter on board of a 20 m motor or sailing yacht: you can easily bring aboard up to 11- 12 guests and navigate along the French Riviera while enjoying the picturesque coastline, fresh meals with a glass of chilled rosé or champagne, as well as the boat’s amenities and water toys. The yacht’s crew will take care of all your wishes on board: just let your charter broker know your itinerary, preferences, desires and program so they can meticulously prepare everything with the captain and crew.

Problems may arise when attempting to bring on board of charter yacht more than the accepted guests in navigation: the International Commercial Yacht Code, maritime Yacht Insurance and local Authorities are very strict on the number of passengers in navigation. It depends on the yacht’s size and class how many passengers (including crew) can stay on board whilst in navigation, and most of commercial yachts do not accept over 12 guests. Therefore, make sure to verify the maximum number of guests allowed on board before hand and never bring more guests than stipulated in your charter agreement, as extra guests will be unfortunately turned down.

At Allied Yachting, we can also propose the very few charter superyachts available on the French Riviera, certified for navigating with over 30 guests on board. These are reliable and seaworthy yachts with solid event and corporate charter reputation, such as ANTISAN, ACCAMA or LADY ROXANNE to name a few, the latter having been chosen by Madonna and her party for the last year’s 14th of July fireworks festival in Cannes!

When considering to charter a yacht for events, you should also base your choice on the crew. Crew makes a big difference, and difference is crucial when it comes to take care of a private event or corporate charter. Superyachts specializing in corporate or private event yacht charters rely on highly professional and generally multilingual crews, capable of taking care of large numbers of guests on board at the same time. The crew on ANTISAN, for example, is capable of serving hot meals to thirty guests at a time, with two consecutive services!

When you charter a yacht for events in Cannes, it is essential to book, well in advance, a convenient and high-exposure berth for the maximum impact of your corporate or private event yacht charters. Being established in Cannes, Allied Yachting has naturally developed excellent relations with the port authorities and we’re capable of supplying the most privileged berth locations for dockside static events in the Old Port of Cannes, on the Jetée Albert-Édouard for example. During events like the Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM, Cannes Lions, MAPIC and other international exhibitions, many charter yachts are rented every year and all want to be positioned right aside the Palais des Festivals. The number of berth is restricted in this part of the marina and participants will simply benefit of higher exposure when choosing Allied Yachting for their corporate or private event yacht charters, bringing more success to the event.

In general, corporate or private event yacht charters demand significant organization, even more rigorous as the space on boats (even on superyachts) is reduced. Even if your charter broker at Allied Yachting is perfectly capable of organizing such events, it is even better to hire a professional event manager who will not only prepare your event as per your wish list, but can also create a concept or a theme and put it in place on board. We can also recommend good event managers.

When charter season on French Riviera is approaching, we will notice anchored in our bays mega yachts such as the 82-meter O’MEGA, the 72-meter RM ELEGANT, 70-meter SHERAKHAN, and the new jewel of the Western Mediterranean, the 51-meter Couach LA PELLEGRINA, arriving from overseas, to participate in event charters being held during the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Very few mega-yachts are available for charters, this is why they are all booked for such relevant international events, and these yachts are reserved for private parties with celebrities, the rich, famous and known people of our world.

Every year, Cannes hosts world-renowned events like the International Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals. The two marinas of Cannes, Port Canto and the Old Port, form the perfect setting for unique corporate or private event yacht charters in spectacular surroundings. Our principal corporate event yacht charters in Cannes occur during: Cannes Film Festival, MIDEM, MIPIM, MIP WORLD, MIPTV, MIPCOM, TFWA, MARE e MODA, MAPIC, ILTM, Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Tax Free and other events on the Cote d’Azur.

At Allied Yachting, we have a solid background in organizing corporate or private event yacht charters for over 100 guests on board some of the luxury yachts in our charter fleet. We can propose you tailor-made event charters, from small family birthday parties to large corporate events hosted on mega-yachts.

So, call your charter broker at Allied Yachting now, to enquire about how to charter a yacht for events !