Charter a Yacht in the Islands of the Bay of Naples

11 November 2016

If you have chosen to navigate the destination bay of Naples, for those who love the sea and relax, without sacrificing cultural and social life, you should consider to charter a yacht in the islands of the Bay of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida.

This is the natural cruising itinerary following our previous article referring to chartering a yacht in the Gulf of Naples. If you are on board of a long-term yacht charter, a long weekend is ideal for enjoying the beauties on display on these three islands and for living both nature and the sea to their fullest.

To better illustrate these world-famous islands, please have a look at the following “The Marvels of Naples Bay” video on Allied Yachting YouTube Official Channel followed by a description of each island:


World renowned for its unpaired natural beauty, Capri is one of the prime destinations for those who are eager to charter a yacht in the islands of the Bay of Naples. When approaching the island on board of a charter yacht, you will admire the view of the famous “Faraglioni” – solitary rocks coming out from sea depths that became the iconic image of Capri. Other sites to visit, accessible by sea, are the ”Blue grotto”, ”White and Green Grotto”, wonderful lagoons for swimming and snorkeling, along with the lighthouse “Punta Carena”.

Choose Main Harbor (or Marina Grande) to dock your charter yacht and explore this wonderful island! – There is scarce transport in Capri, so take a taxi-cabriolet that will swiftly bring you nearby “Piazetta” – the downtown entry point with enjoyable view all over the bay and Marina Grande.

The narrow and picturesque streets of dowtown run to the Certosa (Basilica) di San Giacomo, above which are the Gardens of Augustus, visited for its observation point, giving splendid view on the Faraglioni, Marina Piccola and Via Krupp. Amongst the most ancient sites are the imposing remains of the Baths of Tiberius and the two splendid imperial residences, Villa Damecuta and Villa Jovis habituated by Roman Emperor Tiberius.

For those always in the quest of gastronomic experiences, we suggest having lunch or dinner, for a special occasion, in the famous Capri restaurant “Da Paolino”. Launched in 1975, the restaurant is the family business and fresh vegetables and fruit for your table come from the family garden. You will be sitting on the terrace under citrus orchards enjoying the preparation of huge seabass right in front of you! – Another restaurant trick is the Cake and Fruit Buffet, and everyone can do as many trips as necessary in order to serve as many delicious cakes and fruit salads. If you plan a memorable event in “Da Paolino”, check the availability first; in high season the restaurant is fully booked and waiting list for special events is quite long: you may have to wait for up to a couple years!

Capri also offers great luxury shopping opportunities: you will find here the latest collections of most reputable brands, such as Bulgari: the boutique manager, Francesco Apa, will secure a private shopping for VIPs and important guests and will take care of the purchase deliveries on board of your charter yacht!


Ischia is the largest of the Neapolitan islands of volcanic origin and for this reason is very famous for it’s therapeutic mineral waters and balneary and spa resorts. The Ischia city is divided into two parts: Ischia Ponte, the Oldest, facing the islet of the Castle erected in the 15th century by Alfonso of Aragon, and Ischia Porto, the modern and touristic area. Other interesting towns are Casamicciola, one of the most ancient and renowned thermal resorts of the island; Lacco Ameno , a swimming and thermal center famous for the Fungo (Mushroom), a characteristic reef in front of the beach; and Forio, near the large Giardini Poseidon thermal and swimming resort.

Those who charter a yacht in the islands of the Bay of Naples can choose for docking multiple ports including Porto Ischia, Port of Casamicciola, Port of Lacco Ameno or the small harbour of Forio. The first one represents the naturally protected lagoon, former volcano crater, built and enlarged by Ferdinand II. The picturesque typical fishermen homes and the Baroque Dome look out to the Port. If you tend more to balneotherapy venues and spa treatment on Ischia, you may choose arriving to Porto di Forio, where, by the way, you can continue your culinary discoveries in the restaurant ”Gabbiano Beach”, located in beautiful Bay of Citara. The restaurant offers a range of local traditional dishes, but not only that: absolute relaxation, sunset enjoying and an exquisite wine choice.


The Procida island is quiet and enchanting, covered with fruit and citrus gardens and vineyards, producing excellent wines thanks to it’s fertile soil and mild climate.
Charter yachts prefer to berth in the Marina Chiaiolella, situated on the west side of the island, opposite Ischia and dominated by the Santa Margherita hill, site of an antique Benedictine monastery, opposite a row of fishermen cottages. The destination of pleasure and commercial yachts and boats frequenting the Gulf, the Marina Chiaiolella is the ideal stopping point for your rental boat.

The most populous town is Procida, situated on a tongue of earth that projects into the sea between Marina grande (the Main Port) and Marina Coriccella . With its Castle, transformed into a penitentiary, the nearby San Michele Church is the main artistic attraction.

When you charter a yacht in the islands of the Bay of Naples, we suggest your cruising itinerary to continue heading from Capri southbound and along the coastline, to the Amalfi Coast yacht charter Destination. You are welcome to read our next article on this destination.

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