Couach Yachts enters a new era with Espen Oeino after 120 Years of Shipbuilding

23 November 2016

COUACH YACHTS is the French leader of “made-to-measure” in yachting. Couach Yachts enters a new era with Espen Oeino after 120 years of shipbuilding, a prestigious know-how solidly backed up with many years of experience in building “haute-couture” yachts.

Specialized over the years in very high end composite yacht design and customization, the shipyard has cultivated an exceptional know-how where hand-craftsmanship remains essential for the creation of unique custom and semi-custom luxury vessels which have given the shipyard its international reputation since 1897.

Celebrating their 120th anniversary in 2017, the oldest and most reputed French yard has perpetuated the nautical tradition and lead the shipyard to excellence with commitment, discretion, trust, honesty, pride, courage, a work philosophy which bring together members of the great Couach family for decades.

Incomparable performances in the greatest respect for French luxury codes, with hulls built in composite with Kevlar, Couach Yachts have always been created hand in hand with their customers. Couach Yachts is today a brand that aims for the perfect balance between authenticity of craftsmanship and modernism.

Couach Yachts is now collaborating with world-renowned Norwegian naval architect and designer Espen Oeino on three new lines of luxury yachts that are due to be released over the next 18 months. The three ranges include the Timeless Collection (fast flybridge yacht models 20-40m), the Super Sport Collection (open yacht models 20-40m) and the Super Yacht Collection (for custom large yachts over 40m).

For over twenty years Espen Oeino has been designing custom motor yachts worldwide for the international clientele. With a multicultural and multi-disciplined staff based in the yachting capital of Monaco, his studio has left a significant imprint on the new build market and is today considered one of the world’s leading design studios for large bespoke motor yachts.

With a systematic and disciplined approach to problem solving combined with a thorough understanding of the engineering related aspects of yacht design and naval architecture, Espen Oeino has produced designs for some of the most significant yachts in the world and has been awarded numerous times by the industry’s peers and enjoys the trust and respect of the world’s leading yacht building yards.


The first of these newly-designed yachts to be launched is the 26.2m fast flybridge model, from the Timeless Collection, expected to be followed by up to five models in the same design aesthetic. The yacht will be able to navigate with up to 12 passengers and 3 crew. It is anticipated to reach a top speed of 30 knots and cruise at 23 knots, powered by twin V12 MAN engines.

The new Couach 26m flybridge will set the bar high for the future models in the Timeless Collection and a presentation of the new Couach 26m by Espen Oeino can be viewed here:


The Super Sport Collection, also from the drafting board of Espen Oeino, will extend to six open yacht models, also in the range of 20 to 40 metres. Reflecting a “no compromise” attitude, the Super Sport Collection will draw on design influences and the performance of military ships. Combining lightness with power, outstanding seakeeping with excellent manoeuvrability, and comfort with innovation, the Super Sport Collection will be an exciting and inspiring choice for the most intrepid of owners who also demand luxury in a yacht.


The Super Yacht Collection designed by Espen Oeino for Couach will offer unrivalled space and supreme comfort in transatlantic-capable vessels over 40m. Drawing on the vast combined experience of the builder and owner, each custom-built and designed vessel in the Super Yacht Collection will deliver its owner with the technical expertise of Couach with the pedigree of Espen Oeino’s design to provide inspiration for each buyer’s perfect yacht.

The new ranges of COUACH YACHTS will also include two additional in-house lines:


The Mediterranean Collection: incorporating three models intended to be used as a tender or chase boat; a 13m, a 15m and a 17m model. These models were originally designed to meet clients’ tender specifications and Couach will be making them available to its wider client base.


The Lounge Collection: from in-house Couach designer Clément Carbonne, exemplifies modern adventure in three semi-displacement explorer models – 35m, 38m and 42m. With the bold lines, high freeboard and protected hull of a robust explorer yacht, the Lounge Collection marries comfort and luxury with the spirit of adventure. The large, open living spaces – such as in the full-deck living-dining room with enormous windows, and wide-beam upper deck with dining and seating areas – provide a true inside-outside style of living for those onboard.

A presentation from the new Couach 38m in-house design of the Lounge Collection can be viewed here:

As COUACH YACHTS enters a new era with Espen Oeino after 120 years of shipbuilding with these 5 new lines, please feel free to contact Allied Yachting for more details on these brand new and newly designed luxury yachts from the leading French yard.