Chartering a yacht in Spain mainland

30 January 2016

Chartering a yacht in Spain mainland allows international boaters to enjoy not only the beauty and feeling of freedom of the sea but also the richness of the cultural traditions of this amazing part of old Europe in the continental Iberian Peninsula. Yachting is Spain gives many opportunities to learn something new and benefit from a magnificent and enriching experience. Chartering a yacht in Spain provides a unique combination of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea scenes and exciting views of the seashores, beaches, resorts and old coastal towns.


Yachting in Spain offers a big variety of rental boats including sailing vessels, which would provide you with a memorable adventure, and luxury motor yachts, which guarantee a comfortable and relaxing trip. By renting luxury yacht charters around the Iberian Peninsula, yachting enthusiasts can visit such famous locations as Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Cadiz and many others.

While chartering a yacht and stopping at its fabulous marinas, cities and towns on the South-east coast of the Mediterranean, one can admire the combination of ancient and modern architecture existing in perfect harmony. Starting with the spectacular beaches of Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, perfect for the water entertainment enjoyment both from the chartered yacht and the shores, one can stop for the night in Barcelona with its mystical gothic district, fantastic masterpieces from the renowned Catalan architect and artist Gaudi, exciting Aquarium and legendary local cuisine restaurants. Event yacht charters can also be entirely and conveniently organized by Allied Yachting during the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, held in Barcelona every year in mid-May at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Sailing further to the south on your luxury yacht you will be charmed by the castle on the island of Peniscola, ancient roman constructions and medieval town embraced by the sea waters of Tarragona and elegant coastline at Castellon de la Plana.

Chartering a yacht in Spain mainland gives you a great opportunity to arrive straight to the heart of the magnificent city of Valencia, where you can learn a lot of history starting from the Phoenicians thru the Roman Empire, the Moorish realm, times of the Knights Templar, and up to our modern times.

If you are fond of architecture you can continue your discovery of the co-existence of three global cultures of Christianity, Islam and Judaism to Alicante, a place of birth of the Iberian tribes, which also offers the yachting enthusiasts beautiful beaches and scenic views, spread at the foot of the rock, where the famous castle of Santa Barbara is located.

Further to the south, you can pursue your navigation itinerary to the clean sandy beaches with your luxury yacht charter to Torrevieja, known for its pleasant climate, salt lakes and juicy citrus fruits. Enjoy the curative impact of the lake Salada-de-Torrevieja, which turns into a beautiful pink colour at sunset.

Visiting the “Spanish Venice” Cartagena, will let you enjoy the feeling of history, and experience the fun of diving around coral reefs and see the Mediterranean flora and fauna, crucial for yachts charterers. If you are yachting with children, they will be glad to spend some time on the flat beaches plenty of light sand.

In Malaga a must-see attraction is Pablo Picasso’s museum and historical buildings covering dozens of centuries, such as the fortresses of Alcazaba and Gibralfaro and the Cathedral of Incarnation.

You may then wish to pursue navigating onwards and pass the strait of Gibraltar, where you can refuel at discounted rates, into the Atlantic. You will then arrive at the amazing port of Cadiz with its famous beach of La Caleta and its architectural gems of the fortresses of San Sebastian, Santa Catalina and San Marcos, along with the Tavira tower and the 18th-century Cathedral. Don’t forget to visit the Roman Theater and enjoy a typical Flamenco show.

You will then be so close to Sevilla, it would be a pity to miss a day-trip and visit the Cathedral, the Giralda, the Real Alcazar, along with the bullfight museum of la Maestranza.

Chartering a yacht in Spain mainland is a truly exciting adventure, during which you will get complete satisfaction from the luxury yacht charters offered by Allied Yachting, with an excellent combination of weather, sunshine and water skimming along with getting to taste the variety proposed by the generous local cuisine, traditions, nature and history.

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