Yacht Charter in the Adriatic Sea

3 February 2016

Yacht charter in the Adriatic Sea is a remarkable adventure not only along magnificent shores of many countries, but also a journey to the lands, which used to be once part of the Roman Empire, still keeping carefully its unique heritage. Yachting in the Adriatic Sea will introduce you to the variety of the views, cultures, local traditions and cuisine.

Yacht charter in the Adriatic will take you to the amazing landscapes, towns and marinas of Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and along the Eastern coast of Italy.


Yachting in the Adriatic offers not only a variety of rental boats including sailing vessels and motor yachts, but also many opportunities price-wise due to the difference between the yacht charter markets and tax regulations of the various countries in this area. By chartering either a luxury yacht, or a charming classic boat, a voluminous catamaran or a performance sailboat, one gets a unique opportunity to visit such picturesque locations as Dubrovnik, Budva, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Venice, Pescari,Bari, and many others.

By sailing the Adriatic Sea and exploring its fantastic landscapes, fjords, beaches, islands, ancient towns and fortresses, one can get a unique experience of historical sites-seeing, fresh sea food and local wines tasting and enjoying of astonishing views provided by the natural variety of the region. One of the points to begin with can be the coastline of Montenegro with its magnificent Kotor harbour – great for bathing and visiting a XVII century church on a tiny island along with a medieval town, surrounded by a several kilometers long old wall; the charming Sveti Stefan island, beloved by the celebrities, and the old fortress of Budva, offering comfortable beaches, old times ambience and succulent seafood. The combination of seashores and mountains provide a very special beauty to this land.

Having won the Superyacht Marina of the Year in 2016 and located in Tivat, Marina Porto Montenegro and it’s marina Village, has become the Adriatic’s hub for Superyachts, and one of the leading luxury yacht homeports in the Mediterranean. Please feel free to enquire with Allied Yachting Yacht Management Program for passage and long term moorings, as well as berths for sale in this splendid marina.

Sailing further north on your Adriatic yacht charter, you will reach the mysterious land of Croatia, which keeps old traditions of several epochs, different cultures and rare natural beauty matching any taste. Allied Yachting can help you with choosing the best stopovers in this area, as there might be too much to see for just one trip. You can begin with Dalmatia and its famous centre of Dubrovnik; well-known for its soft sandy beaches and rich history, covering the times of the Venetian and Dubrovnik republics, French and Austrian Empires and the times of the socialist Yugoslavia. It could also be the island of Mljet with Odyssey’s cave, Bay of Ston with its fresh oysters, Island of Bisevo with its Blue Cave, Lastovo, a town of chimneys and Hvar, with its ancient walls – all located in the same area.

While yachting in the Adriatic Sea don’t miss stopping by Split and walking by the steps of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, seeing the first town of the Croatian kings of Sibenik and bathe under the waterfalls of the river Krka. The northern part of the coastline welcomes yacht charterers with the town of Zadar almost 30 centuries old, offering not only deep feeling of history, but also a unique Sea Organ; Krk Island, a beloved resort of the ancient Romans, known for its healing mud baths, active monastery and unique oaks, which were used for building Venice; the entertaining Rijeka with its bars and discotheques, and Pula, rich with well preserved ancient Roman coliseum and Triumph Arch.

Stop by at the biggest port of Slovenia, Koper, which was founded by the ancient Greeks and enjoy Venetian gothic of Pretorian Palace and other palaces of the famous families of those times. Taste some special local food, which will pleasantly surprise you.

The eastern coast of Italy is another exciting journey by itself. Venice is well known to be the unique pearl of architecture, history and style of life. Starting with the Grand Channel and the Palace of the Doge, feel the charm of this city by wandering along its narrow streets and taking a little tour on one it’s famous gondolas, enjoying a glass of Champaign and gondolier’s singing. Spend some time shopping and get a colorful carnival mask and something made of Murano glass. Sliding down to the south on your Adriatic yacht charter, you can enjoy many ancient and picturesque ports including Rimini, Ancona, Pescara, and especially Bari. There is evidence that this area has been inhabited for more than five thousand years, thus remembering many famous historical events and persons. The city is also famous for the orthodox St. Nicolas chapel, where the relics of the latter are kept, old Roman-style cathedral of San Sabino and XIIIth century Castello Svevo.

All this variety of views, new impressions and tastes along with a relaxing vacation on the water and astonishing beaches can be yours while a yacht charter in the Adriatic Sea.

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