Portugal Boat Rental – Yacht Charter Destinations in the South-European Atlantic

8 June 2016

Enhance your sailing passion with Portugal boat rental, one of the main maritime states in history. Yacht charter destinations in the south-European Atlantic, preserve the memories of the geographical discoveries crucial for all mankind and the integration of different cultures, proposed by its international trade ports and the traditions of one of the most stunning parts of the Iberian Peninsula.

Allied Yachting, having developed strong ties in the South-European Atlantic, invites you to enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of Portugal, proposing any type of boat you would prefer to rent, be it a sailing or a motor boat, a catamaran or a luxury yacht. Portugal yacht rental offers the voyagers not only the magic of the Portuguese coastline, with splendid yacht charter destinations in the south-European Atlantic such as Viana do Castelo, Porto, Figueira da Foz, Obidos, Peniche, Lisbon (Lisboa), Lagos, Algarve, Albufeira, Vilamoura, Alvor, but also the magnificent Portuguese Islands: Berlengas, Madeira and the Azores; as well as breathtaking water trips up its canyons and along its broad rivers: Arade , Minho, Douro and the Guadiana.


Setting off for an exciting journey with Portugal boat rental, consider starting from one of the main ports in the history of Portugal Viana do Castelo, founded back in 1253, still keeping the architecture of those times and known for the richest folklore in the country. Visit the citadel-like XVth century Cathedral of Viana do Castelo, the monumental medieval fort Santiago-da-Barra above the gorgeous river Lima, where, on Fridays, one can enjoy shopping local crafts at the market; and the Linhares Monastery (Paredes de Coura), having a very rich and intriguing history.

Come to the fortified town of Caminha with its architectural masterpieces of different ages, located nearby on another magnificent river, the Minho with its picturesque banks, which is navigable up to 40 km (just like the Guadiana river). Here one can find not only a medieval summer fairy, but also beautiful beaches and enjoy all kinds of watersports.

Another “must see” place of the Northern part of Portugal, land of bright green fields, charming waterfalls, aged watermills and red cows walking in the streets of the little villages, is Porto – an astonishing example of the harmonized variety of things you wouldn’t see anywhere else. On the one bank of the Douro river, one can take an exciting tour thru the warehouses of the world-famous producers of Porto wine with degustation and interesting excursions.

By crossing the Bridge of Luis I, an amazing engineering creation, one reaches the heart of the city – Ribeira, with its unique colorful old houses covered with the legendary azulejos tiles and numerous cafes and restaurants offering a delightful cuisine. In the gorgeous San-Francisco Cathedral, founded in 1233, one has an opportunity not only to admire the beauty and the richness of its decoration, but also have a little walk along the old underground cemetery. The museum of trams will help you learn the history of this mode of transportation – one of the symbols of Portugal. If your vessel can pass under the bridge, with a clearance of 7.8 m, you can take a tour along the Douro river and enjoy the views of this fantastic land. The Douro is navigable 200 km along spectacular canyons, through the famous vineyards of the same name and up to Spain!

Sailing further South you will reach Figueira da Foz with its bright sand beaches, unusual round dunes and rocks of the intricate shapes. The main attraction as well as the historical factor here is the sea, disclosing many legends including one of the azulejos. Don’t miss an opportunity to try local seafood, which has reached culinary perfection thru the ages.

If you are looking for more natural beauty, swimming, sunbathing, exceptional diving or other water entertainment; stop at the Berlengas Island, located not far away from Peniche – the biggest traditional fishing port of Portugal. Don’t miss a chance to visit the historical centre with the Santuario de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios (Sanctuary of Our Lady the Healing), Church of St. Peter and Church of Mercy; the XVI century fort of Forte de Peniche and shops with the local hand-made lace products. Peniche is also well-known as a centre for the windsurfing and body-boarding enthusiasts thanks to its tube-like waves.

Should you wish to diversify your nature-based vacation, visit the capital of Portugal – Lisbon (Lisboa) – a city of contrasts between old and modern, richness and need, charm and sometimes astonishment – a place which wouldn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Climb up the hill in the historical part of the city and enjoy the views from the old walls of the St. George Castle, built on the foundation of an ancient Roman fortification, from which Lisboa started to grow. The castle is guarded by very serious cats, which are also looking after the peacocks, solemnly wandering around. Walk down the old steep narrow streets, admiring the tiled facades, stop by one of the numerous restaurants to enjoy some magnificent paella and a shot of porto, take a tramway to the city centre to see the royal and nobility palaces, majestic squares and elegant fountains, which remind of the era of this powerful maritime realm. Go up on the Santa Justa Lift, constructed by Eifel’s student, to contemplate the views of the city from the Carma Square. Walk to the bank of the Tejo river (Tagus) to feel its power and enjoy the view of the red bridge across it.

Don’t miss a chance to visit the Belen Tower at the fluvial entrance to the city, a great example of the Manuelino style and acknowledged to be one the seven wonders of Lisboa. See the magnificent aqueduct Aguas Livres, built in the 18th century and still providing the city with water. The Jeronimos Monastery, place where the intrepid sailor and discoverer Vasco da Gamma is buried, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, where one can appreciate the power of the country in the times of the great geographical discoveries. Another pearl of the medieval architecture here is the Monastery of Sao Vicente with its rich collection of azulejos and an exciting history.

There are several places of interest near the city, which are also worth seeing: the archaeological museum in the Carmo Monastery, reflecting the history of more than 5 millenniums; Queluz Palace, the residence of the Portuguese kings and the magnificent Mafra Palace with 1200 rooms and about 100 bells and, of course, one of the most colourful and spectacular castles in Europe – Pena in the town of Sintra.

Back to your Portugal boat charter, move-on further to explore the rest of its Yacht Charter Destinations in the South-European Atlantic! – The amazing part of the country is the southern coast, called the Algarve, with its unique golden cliffs, excellent beaches and bizarre coves. This area is located between Monte-Gordo and Lagos and protected from the Atlantic winds by the mountains, which provide a wonderful environment for having fun at the beaches or on the water.

The western part is famous for the impressive beauty of the rocks and further to the east one can enjoy flat sandy beaches. Among the most popular beaches of this area Allied Yachting recommends picturesque and ideal for snorkelling Praia da Marinha at Carvoeiro ; the Falesia Beach with its orange cliffs and pure sand, pleasant for beach volleyball; Alvor Broadwalk, perfect for jogging or promenades, also counting upon a fantastic lagoon for anchorage; small cosy not crowded and very beautiful Camilo Beach; the Vilamoura yachting centre, where one can find entertainment matching any tastes including food, fishing, aqua park, maritime excursions and a luxury marina; Algar Seco with its breathtaking views of the virgin nature; and of course Cape Saint Vincent – an astonishing point, where the mainland meets the ocean. Vilamoura is of course the preferred resort in southern Portugal, proposing also an exhilarating nightlife.

Important other Portugal yacht charter  destinations include the magnificent islands Madeira and the Azores archipelago.

Madeira, located in the open Atlantic ocean, closer to the African coast, rather than to the European, is a magnificent place to enjoy world-famous wine of the same name as the island, warm climate, scuba diving and surfing; golf and hiking in the mountains. Besides its pre-historical natural beauty, including the 1862 m high Pico Ruivo mountain, one can admire the Monte Palace and the Tropical garden with the plants from all over the world; the little village Curral Das Freiras, hanging above the abyss and offering fantastic views; and Funchal Cathedral, still keeping the look and the ambience of the early 16th century, when it was build.

The Azores archipelago, consisting of 9 islands, situated in the very heart of the Atlantic ocean, is a paradise for those looking for a vacation in a quiet place, ecologically clean, in full harmony with the nature. Although most of the beaches are formed by volcanic lava, except for a few sandy ones on Santa Maria, Fayal and San Miguel islands, the magic of the local ocean views, the possibility to swim with dolphins and observe whales, will make your stay unforgettable.

Portugal boat rental presents a variety of emotions, unique experiences, fantastic sightseeing and wonderful nature scenery. Once you come to sail along the coastline of this magnificent country or on the many broad and picturesque rivers leading you up or down the spectacular canyons through many floodgates, you will immediately fall in love with this part of the world and will always wish to come back again to discover more. Allied Yachting charter brokers will gladly help you to choose a proper vessel to charter and elaborate the route best matching your expectations.

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