When is the best time to buy a yacht

23 September 2015

Yachting doesn’t only reflect your success; it is mostly an emotional decision. You will know by coming on-board a yacht when you are stricken with her beauty and functionality matching your requirements.

Visit Yacht Shows

For most people, the first option to buy a yacht will be a trip to a boat show. This is where you will find different types of yachts, makes and specification enabling you to select the perfect boat for you. Most yacht shows presenting new ship (Cannes, Monaco and Genoa) will occur between September and October. Pre-owned yacht shows will be held in spring (Antibes). Very good deals can be found right after these yacht shows since most boat dealers will have to part-exchange good condition craft (called “trade-ins”) to sell their new yachts.

In the European market you will find amazing choices in design, hull material, layout and build quality, perhaps far more diverse and competitive than anywhere else in the world. The present European economic conjuncture will also make you benefit from attractive deals.

Find a Yacht Broker

Most new yachts for sale will encounter difficulties in adapting to the marine environment and will largely depreciate the first few years so, if your choice or budget indeed means a second-hand yacht this can be a more complex purchase with many more options available. A professional yacht broker is the better choice. Choose your yacht broker well; an experienced one can help you through the whole purchase process.

Essentially, regardless of when you purchase, try to have your yacht delivered in spring to avoid paying unnecessary winterizing expenses.

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