Caribbean Yacht Charter Destination – Renting a Boat in the Antilles

12 September 2016

Escape late autumn spleen and winter gloomy weather by coming to a true paradise at the Caribbean yacht charter destination – a region of thousands of Islands, waiting for you with a great variety of entertainment, exciting events, magnificent beaches and breath-taking views. As part of our charter brokerage program, Allied Yachting is pleased to offer you a magic voyage to the Caribbean Sea, glorified by the legends about the pirates and reviews of the world-known celebrities. One can barely cover all islands of the Caribbean at least within one trip, that is why we have chosen the most attractive ones for Caribbean yacht charter destination which are worth visiting, including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Aruba, Saint Lucia, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, Vieques, Jamaica, Mustique, the Bermuda islands, Saint Barts, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago , Cuba and the Cayman Islands.


Caribbean yacht charter destination is meant to make visitors feel care and attention, providing many famous events, and discover the magnificent natural beauty of this area. If you are travelling during the months of November through January, including the Christmas and New Year celebrations, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Pirate Week on the Cayman Islands, which gives a chance to everyone to become part of the exciting and adventurous world of the old times, by decorating your yacht turning it into a corsair ship, participate in the food festivals, street dancing and admire spectacular fireworks. These islands are saturated with traditions including history and wild nature support, so whenever you come here, take a chance to enjoy stingray petting at the Stingray City Sandbar, see unique blue iguanas at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, wander around Watler’s cemetery, where 300 year old graves are still preserved and visit the first settlement at the Islands at the Bodden Town. Being the birthplace of scuba diving, Cayman Islands offer a variety of opportunities to enjoy local underwater world – one of the richest on the planet. Among other attractions it is worth mentioning golfing, wellness, an exciting nightlife and of course, stunningly picturesque beaches.

Caribbean yacht charter destination consists of many islands, which still belong to various states, thus keeping their traditions and style. One of such examples is the privately-owned Mustique island, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, a favourite resort of the British Royal family and other celebrities. A voyager can find here magnificent beaches of pure white sand and enjoy the life of tranquillity, good taste, high quality and relaxation. In addition, this part of the Caribbean, consisting of 32 beautiful islands with their natural varieties, is known for starting their history from the 15th century, being the pirates’ hub for hiding treasures, thus one still might find something precious while scuba diving: either an old golden coin or the contemplation of a fantastic underwater world.

For those who are looking for an ideal combination of the recreational beauty and great entertainment, the perfect destination would be the Antigua and Barbuda islands, famous for their white and pink sandy beaches, the casinos, rich night life, excellent restaurants, cozy cafes and exciting night clubs. The islands, belonging to the British Commonwealth, also keep traditions of this culture, and have perfect infrastructure for cricket, sailing sport, snorkeling and surfing. If you are looking for some sightseeing, Antigua offers you several places of interest, such as St. John’s Cathedral with its 400 years history; a museum of Antigua and Barbuda, discovering the history of this area; Nelson’s Dockyard National Park with some historical buildings and exciting views; the Indian Town National Park with the amazing variety of birds and fantastic scenery. On Barbuda, don’t miss a chance to see some unique natural creations such as the Darby Sink Cave with its rare flora and fauna, the Indian cave, still keeping its prehistorical drawings, and Dark Cave with its intricate forms and fauna.

Another place keeping elegant British traditions including cricket matches and golfing is Bermuda island, famous also for the mysterious legends of the Bermuda Triangle and being a magnificent place for entertainment. Take a stylized historical guided tour at the Royal Naval Dockyard to feel the ambience of the previous centuries; on Wednesday dive into the Harbour Night, getting to know local culture, performances, magnificent cuisine and shopping some artisan crafts; take a cup of coffee at the Gate’s Bay, enjoying a fantastic sunrise with further walk around the historical sites of the town of St. George including the 19th century Unfinished Church; and contemplate the moon, replacing the sun, in the evening at the Somerset Long Bay. Taste some magnificent Bermuda roasted coffee, try some rum cakes, pepper jams and local beer; enjoy the wildlife of numerous types of birds, the dolphins and explore the Aquarium museum and the zoo.

Moving on for new experiences while on your Caribbean yacht charter destination, come to Barbados, with its versatile activities, starting with scuba diving or snorkelling among old shipwrecks, surrounded by wildlife at the southern part of the island; or surfing at the Bathsheba Beach at the eastern part and up to the natural wonder – Harrison’s Cave exploration. Do not forget to taste the legendary local rum!

If you are looking for a family friendly resort, spend some time in the Antilles at Aruba, with its calm crystal clear waters and welcoming beaches offering different kinds of water entertainment. You will certainly be impressed by the natural beauty of the volcanic stones and deserted landscapes, which can be seen within various jeep tours or even by horse riding offered here. The island is famous for its natural beauty which can be seen while snorkelling or scuba diving and for the variety of the activities offered for children and their parents.

For the passionate lovers of water entertainments, the ones who are indifferent to the rich nightlife, the best place to come is Anguilla – a peaceful island, ready to make you feel great. Take a tour around the coastline in a small motor boat, try the kite surfing or usual surfing on the calm waters of the open bays, enjoy the diverse underwater world with its colours by snorkelling or diving, admire the views by taking a small kayak ride or a stand-up paddle boarding and have some fun by swimming with the dolphins. Another opportunity to find a calm and eco-friendly rest is part of Puerto Rico’s island of Vieques, known also for its unique Bioluminescent Bay, which makes your stay here exciting day and night. The island offers lots of activities for those, who are fond of nature, such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling, kayaking, paddling, diving and snorkelling. Here one can also find probably the best stargazing in the world; enjoy the view of the birds and discover a 300 year old Ceiba tree. The island also offers a variety of nice little museums and wonderful opportunities for the gourmands.

Once choosing Caribbean yacht charter destination, don’t forget about one of the “must sees” of this area – Jamaica, a magnificent green island rich with picturesque beaches and fresh water lagoons, the birth-place of reggae and a paradise of relaxation. Apart of the habitual water activities, the island offers various types of attractions and entertainments such as: historical parks and buildings, galleries, museums, wildlife points, natural beauty landmarks. Among the most famous it is worth mentioning Maima Seville Great House and Heritage Park with the remains of one of the first Spanish settlements in the New World; Bob Marley Museum; National Gallery of Jamaica representing local masterpieces of contemporary art; a legendary Pelican Bar; a walkable Dunn’s River Fall and world-known cinematography spot – Blue Lagoon. Don’t miss a chance to get to know the local cuisine: try some freshly caught fish in the authentic restaurant Little Ochie or home-style stews at Patrice’s Restaurant.

A real pearl while renting a boat in the Antilles is the island of freedom – Cuba. Being the only vestige of communism in the Western World, the island keeps traditions of the revolution, yet at the same time has parts created for the high demand of the foreign tourists. The main port and point of interest here is the capital La Havana – a 500 years old city, where Spanish colonial architecture is mixed with modern sky-scrapers, the old-town preserves over 900 of historical monuments and the ambiance reflects the old and new times. The main attractions worth visiting are: the Castle de Los Tres Reyes del Morro, build partially of the coral reef and having a marvellous history; La Bodeguita del Medio – a traditional Cuban bar, a beloved place of world-known people within the history and a said-to-be a birth place of the Mojito cocktail; the renowned bar El Floridita, thanks to Hemingway, with its fantastic daiquiris and great seafood; and the Museum of Revolution, where one can learn the recent history of the island.

To the north of La Havana, is located the magnificent resort of Varadero, acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the cleanest beaches and offering all kinds of entertainment a foreign tourist would be looking for: saturated nightlife, several historical monuments with the drawings of the ancient Indian painters, luxury hotels and great diving spots.

To the south- east of Havana, is located Santiago de Cuba – the old capital of the island and the Cuban “trova” music birthplace. This town is inspired by music and fun, where the doors of the houses are always open for visitors, who are welcomed with hospitality, good rum and a famous Cuban cigar. This place is considered to be the origin of the Cuban revolution and the most Caribbean city on the island. Come here to visit the Castillo de San Pedro del Morro – an impressive world heritage site, Casa de Diego Velazquez, built more than 500 years ago, the revolution historical site of Cuartel Moncada and of course Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Caridad del Cobre – one of the most famous churches of the island, known for the statue of the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre, decorated with numerous precious stones and supposed to relieve from diseases.

If you are planning your voyage to the Caribbean yacht charter destination in March there are more exciting events waiting for you: The Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous taking place at the British Virgin Islands is a wonderful chance not just to try your vessel in a world famous competition, but also to meet people sharing your passion to the sea and admire breath-taking views of the islands and magnificent boats. Being an archipelago of a volcanic origin, the BVI offer a variety of islands to discover, each having its own beauty and character. Starting with white sand beaches and peaceful, embraced by greenery harbours for your yacht, onto Tortola and the exceptional coral reefed Anegada; luxury Virgin Gorda with its exciting yacht clubs; marvellous Jost Van Dyke island, with its historic sites and natural spa and up to other smaller islands, each providing an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of the marine nature. Another spectacular event of this kind is St. Barts Bucket Regatta, taking place at the same-name island. By visiting this sailing competition one has a great opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view of the gorgeous superyachts sliding on the emerald surface of the Caribbean Sea along the terrific coastline of the island and have good time at the after parties where bars, restaurants and entertainment provide high-class pleasure.

St. Kitts and Nevis , located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, welcomes visitors with its astonishing black volcanic rocks, a UNESCO protected 400 years old British fortress, scenic views, petroglyphs, rainforests and of course sandy beaches and water entertainment, but also with an intriguing event of cross-channel swim of 4km, which keeps attracting more and more people every year, not only by giving an opportunity to the participants to show their skills, but also by helping preserve the unique St. Kitts turtles.

If you want to visit a fun competition – come to Trinidad and Tobago , where a yearly Bucco Goat and Crab Race Festival in Bucco take place. Here one has a chance not just to attend these legendary events, but also spend some relaxing time at the virgin beaches, admire the colonial style architecture or participate in a spectacular carnival.

In April and May by all means visit St Lucia Jazz Festival, revealing the cultural traditions of this part of the world. Being the beloved place for the honeymooners, this island is charming with its intact rainforests, majestic mountains, palm-fringed beaches, transparent seawaters, luxurious spas and gourmand dining.

Caribbean yacht charter destination is a splendid part of the world with all its variety of islands, landscapes, water activities, cultural and traditional features, historical sites, delicious food and exciting nightlife. Being one of the most favourite destinations of the celebrities, it offers many options to the people who cherish the taste in life to enjoy themselves and spend an unforgettable vacation on a yacht. Allied Yachting charter brokers are always happy to help our customers elaborate the best route matching any exquisite taste on the expanse of the exciting Caribbean Sea.

For renting a boat in the French Antilles: Saint Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique, we will write a specific article, as well as for Florida and the Bahamas, both to be published soon.

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