Yacht Charter to Corsica

23 January 2016

To charter a yacht to Corsica, let’s introduce this spectacular island.

Situated at the junction of the maritime roads leading from France to Italy and the East, and from Central Europe to Italy and Spain, Corsica with 8772 km2, 183 km long, 83 km wide and 1000 km of coasts, is the third largest isle of the Western Mediterranean. Being the most popular vacation destination since ever, the island attracts yearly plenty of luxury yacht charterers who come to visit and explore its natural richness and to admire its beauty.

Corsica Island is at around 100 nautical miles south-east from the French shore; to sail over here on board of a luxury yacht, the shortest distance is between Cap Martin (right next to Monaco) and Calvi. It will take you approximately 5 hours to get there on board of a motor yacht cruising at average speed of 20 knots.

Some clients prefer to rent a boat while in Corsica already, however, you should remember that the choice of motor and sailing yachts available in Corsica is limited and you may prefer to choose amongst the more extensive luxury yacht charter alternatives on the French Riviera.

St Florent

When you charter a yacht to Corsica, you may want to start by visiting St Florent: St Florent is situated in a beautiful bay, sheltered between the wild mountains of Cap Corse and the magnificent, untamed Désert des Agriates. Founded by the Romans, St Florent later grew to be a flourishing medieval port of Genovese influence.

Visiting sites of St Florent include: The cathedral of the Nebbio region in St Florent, Santa Maria Assunta, built by the Pisans in the 12th Century, is one of the island’s most beautiful cathedrals, the Old town, with its narrow streets and vibrant bar terraces. Relax in one of the waterfront cafés and watch the other boats arriving to the marina. Countryside of Conca d’Oro with Oletta village perched high above offer spectacular views over the gulf. You will find workshops and cellars of around 10 local artisans. The Désert des Agriates is a landscape of wild maquis and rocky cliffs. Take a boat trip to one of its beaches: Saleccia and Lodo. The spectacular beach of Saleccia is a tropical dream of silver sand and turquoise sea, inaccessible by road.

Spend a leisurely afternoon visiting a vineyard in the pretty village of Patrimonio, and tasting the succulent wines. Worth visiting is Nonza, a flower-garnished slate roofed village, which seems to have sprouted from its craggy foundations.


Your navigation itinerary to charter a yacht to Corsica may continue by visiting Calvi.

The site on which the city was founded dates back to Neolithic period (-5000 years B.C.) and it is famous for its citadel of XIII century, whose walls give spectacular view over the bay.

Leave your charter yacht in marina of Calvi and spend some time visiting the town: the citadel with its ancient Palace of the Governor, the house of Christopher Columbus, Sainte Marie majeure Church, the chapel of Santa Maria Vecchia, St Antoine Oratory, the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Serra, Saint Jean Baptist Cathedral, and the Tour de Sel (Salt Tower).

Do not skip the Revellata Natural Reserve, and its two beaches: Alga and Acilluccia. Ask your captain to bring you there on your rental yacht’s tender.

Do not miss the savors of Corsican cuisine: wild boar lasagna, lamb stew, fresh pasta – cannelloni, traditional sausage figatelli, local cheeses and wines. Restaurants suggestions: Chez Emile, Le Tire-bouchon , U Minellu.

Ile Rousse

Ile Rousse is famous for its beaches of white pure sand and crystal clear sea: Inland visiting points include: place Paoli and its local market which opens every morning. Beaches: Lozari and l’Anse de Peraïola, where the rivers are falling into sea, L’île de la Pietra with its light house and ancient tower. Always ask us or your charter yacht’s Captain for restaurants suggestions, local restaurants offer a big choice of fresh delicious sea food.


Scandola is a natural reserve protected by UNESCO for its unique flora and faunae and diversity of fish and birds: species are unique for this place. Girolata bay and village are accessible by foot or by boat only, however, the village is so beautiful and its location is very unique; the site is absolutely to visit while you charter a yacht to Corsica, so you can enjoy the ambiance of local bars and restaurants.

Sanguinary islands: Sanguinary Archipelago stands guard at the mouth of the bay of Ajaccio. Four islands are famous for its stunning crimson light at sunset: a vision not to skip whilst you charter a yacht to Corsica. The biggest island measures up to 80 m and crowned with a light house. Breathtaking view!


Ajaccio is the big port and city on south east of Corsica and a very popular summer resort. Napoleon Bonaparte was born here in 1769.

Ask your favorite charter broker or captain of your charter yacht to book a berth in port of Ajaccio, so you may start visiting of the City and its main sites: The old city and Place Marechal Foch, National Bonaparte Museum, Musée Fesch and highly regarded collection of Italian Renaissance painting.

On your way to Bonifacio drop the anchor of your charter yacht at the picturesque bay of Propriano – Golfe du Valinco , Campomoro beach (Capo di Moro) and its Genovese middle-age tower, Tizzano bay in Sartene and Calanque de Conca.


Bonifacio is a medieval fortified city of XII century built on cliffs of limestone. The Bonifacio bay was first populated in 5000 B.C. You may want to anchor your charter yacht in Bonifacio bay and start some sightseeing in the city. The main sites to visit include: Staircase of the King of Aragon (l’escalier du Roy d’Aragon) – built in 1420, and according to legend, in one night only!, Les chemins de ronde – fortified city tour, Le cimetière marin and its splendid view over the bay, L’église Saint Dominique – gothic church of XIII century, and La Loggia – medieval justice and execution place.

Natural sea reserve Bouches de Bonifacio and la Grotte du Dragon – are the must see when you charter a yacht to Corsica. If you like snorkeling and diving, ask your captain to bring you to the Lavezzi Islands.

Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is an extremely popular resort, famous for its beaches, night clubs and 5-star hotels. Jet-setters and night-lifers are very welcome here. The places to visit are the famous beaches situated north of Porto Vecchio: Cala Rossa, Saint-Cyprien, Pinarello, and south: Palombaggia, Bocca di l’Oru and Santa-Giulia. Visit the Old City of Porto Vecchio and citadel – Le Bastion di a Funtana Vechja, Le Bastion de France, L’impasse Ettori. You can also visit its Night Clubs: Via Notte, Ranch’o, Le Patio Lounge bar.