Yacht Charter Destination Turkey and Aegean Sea – Eastern Mediterranean Boat Rental

26 March 2016

Booking yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea in the Eastern Mediterranean is now possible through Allied Yachting, since we opened our Allied Yachting Turkey Agency in Istanbul.

Turkey with its Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara seas, warm climate, stunning beaches and rich Turkish cuisine, is amongst the most beautiful yacht charter destinations in the world.

Besides the traditional Turkish Gulets (two or three-masted wooden sailing vessels), varying in size from 14 to 35 meters and extremely popular for tourist charters throughout the Aegean, Allied Yachting also proposes a vast fleet of motor-yachts and modern sailboats, available for Eastern Mediterranean Boat Rental.

When you plan to book your yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea, you will have the unique chance to explore such wonderful places as:


Home to our Allied Yachting Turkey Agency, Istanbul has served as a bridge between the continents of Asia and Europe since it was Constantinople in Ancient Greek times. It is one of the best cities in the world to see the harmony of modernism and tradition combined with history. Visitors love its culture, its skyline, its museums and the tea gardens dotted all around the city. Istanbul offers so much, so explore the city and discover the hidden gems as well as the tourist attractions.

While cruising on the Bosporus, it is both exciting and stunning to see the skyscrapers on one side while seeing the old palaces and mosques such as Topkapı, Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia (old church turned into a mosque by the Ottomans) and relatively new Ciragan Palace on the other.

Being the bridge between these two continents, Istanbul has been ruled by many civilizations and you can see examples of all of these while cruising on Bosporus, as well as many amazing mansions. Istanbul has a historical tradition with commercial and pleasure boats with new marinas and commercial ports being developed constantly.

The Bosporus offers some of the best nightclubs and nightlife in Turkey and many can even be entered directly from your charter boat. A charter on the Bosporus is an unforgettable mix of history, modern culture and pure beauty, not to be missed in your yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea, on your next trip to Istanbul!


The southern part of Cesme peninsula is also a preferred destination for sailing in Turkey. The infrastructure of yachting tourism in the Çeşme-Kuşadası region has been growing fastly. Cesme Peninsula, being an important tourism center in the Aegean Sea is also home to 3 large marinas and the natural mooring port of Dalyanköy, unique beaches and modern facilities.

Having a very warm local culture, Çeşme provides thermal waters, exquisite Aegean cuisine, delicious local fish and kumru (İzmir bagels). Şifne, Ilıca, Altınyunus, Boyalık, Dalyan, Çeşme, Çiflikköy, Pırlanta and Alaçatı bays all constitute the Çeşme Peninsula. Each bay has its distinctive personality, culture and cuisine.

There are ferries to Italy, and everyday to Chios from the international port of Çeşme. There is a 80 km /40 min highway connection to the international Adnan Menderes airport of Izmir.


Didim is a region located in the Aegean Sea and in front of the Bodrum peninsula, which allows you to visit both places if you choose to sail on your vacations. The beaches of this area are natural and of white sand, and they could go unnoticed because of the forests that form part of their landscape. If you are thinking about a special and unique place for yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea, Didim is the one.

The nearest airport is in Bodrum Milas Havaalani (73 km) with over 190 destinations to and from 30 countries such as Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and the UK.

Choose to embark your yacht charter in Didim, located in the Söke district of the region of Aydin, on the southwest Aegean shore of Turkey. Sometimes labeled as the “Gateway to the Land of Oracles”, the seaside resort of Didim is only around 4 km away from the ancient temple of the sun god Apollo on the inner side of the city.

A yacht charter vacation in Didim allows you to explore this sacred destination which, since the 8th century BC has not been a city, but a religious centre for the town of Miletos, together with Didyma, in Turkish “Didim”, meaning “Twins”, and in mythology, it is linked with the place where Leto gave birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis.


Bodrum peninsula is a fast growing area in yachting and tourism. Having developed 3 big marinas in the peninsula is proof of this like Yalıkavak, the D-Marin in Turgutreis and the Palmarina in Bodrum, one of the largest and most beautiful boat, yacht and superyacht marinas in the whole Eastern Mediterranean.

Bodrum is a dynamic yachting center for sailors and with its distinctive characteristics is also considered the Turkish Riviera. Located in the province of Muğla on the southern coast of the Peninsula, at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gökova, it’s also the center of the eponymous district.

The city was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina. The castle grounds include a Museum of Underwater Archaeology and hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year.


The Marmaris Netsel marina is in the middle of a vast bay with hills full of green pine trees. One can sense the theme of yacht tourism in every corner of the city.

Yachting enthusiasts especially appreciate the fact that Netsel marina is close to the old city and far away from the hotels. Panorama of the old city’s narrow streets and the fortress dating back from the 16th century is best viewed from the sea entrance to Netsel marina. The small fishing village perched on the hill of the fortress became a touristic center with 40,000 inhabitants nowadays. There are two other small marinas in the bay.

Technical and yacht support infrastructures are now comparable to those in Western Europe. Marmaris is a preferred destination for yacht lovers as it always has suitable weather conditions and only one hour away from marvelous mooring spots in Kumlubuk (Kumblubükü in Turkish). To board your yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea from Marmaris, the convenient Dalaman airport is only 90 km away.


Gocek will offer you the chance to appreciate one of the most attractive areas of the Turkish coast, as well as one of the most famous Yacht Clubs of the entire country, a fame that it has acquired due to the mountains, the forests and the beautiful islands that surround it. Besides enjoying your yacht charter, you will find yourself in a prime yachting location in Turkey.

Gocek is located between Fethiye and Dalyan, on the South East coast of Turkey and it is surrounded by a small group of 12 islands which form part of its territory. In spite of having a modest population of only 4,000 inhabitants, Gocek is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations Turkey and Aegean Sea for the nautical tourism, so get your flip-flops and sunscreen ready and embark on an epic journey.

The variety of views and its unique forest-full environment, attract thousands of tourists every year, tourists that prefer to rent a sailboat or a Gulet in Turkey and enjoy of the harmony of this picturesque town. The township of Gocek has made efforts to preserve its flora and fauna, limiting the construction of large hotels and resorts. Because of this, it could be said that if you are looking to discover the traditional side of Turkey, Gocek is the ideal destination.

The climate cooperates well, translating into over 300 days of sunshine bathing the beaches of Gocek and an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius between the spring and the fall. In addition, the smooth tides and the mild winds blowing generally from West and Northwest, make the long Turkish summers perfect for sailboat cruising and for motor yacht charters in Gocek.


Antalya is the capital of the province with the same name. Located on Anatolia’s flourishing southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean.

The city that is now Antalya was first settled around 200 BC by the Attalid dynasty of Pergamon, which was soon subdued by the Romans. Roman rule saw Antalya thrive, including the construction of several new monuments, such as Hadrian’s Gate, and the proliferation of neighboring cities. The city has changed hands several times, including to the Byzantine Empire in 1207 and an expanding Ottoman Empire in 1391. Ottoman rule brought relative peace and stability for the next five-hundred years. The city was transferred to Italian suzerainty in the aftermath of World War I, but was recaptured by a newly independent Turkey in the War of Independence.

Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, located on the Turkish Riviera. Large-scale development and governmental funding has promoted tourism in recent years. It is also the base of most Turkish shipbuilders.


When planning your yacht charter destination Turkey and Aegean Sea, you may also want to visit nearby Greece during your Eastern Mediterranean Boat Rental. Greece remains the berth of civilization and thus one of the most beloved travel destinations. The combination of rugged beauty and thousands of years of history never ceases to amaze and inspire. Venture further inland and you will find atmospheric villages and monasteries, museums and a laid-back lifestyle, which the Greeks appreciate. Minoans, Romans, Arabs, Latin Crusaders, Venetians, Slavs, Albanians and Turks have all left their mark in almost every town or village.

Some of the nearby destinations to see in Greece are:

  • The Cyclades Islands: The Cyclades archipelago is probably amongst the most popular destinations in the world. This archipelago is renowned for its clear waters, countless sandy beaches and strong winds. Here you can find lots of sunshine, rocky isles and traditional white houses.
  • The Ionian Islands: The Ionian islands have a mild climate, more vegetation and less strong winds than any other regions in Greece. The vast olive trees, picturesque mountains and iridescent waters of the Ionian Sea offer something for everyone – the adrenaline seeker and the ones seeking to relax on secluded beaches and calm waters.
  • The Dodecanese Archipelago: The Dodecanese islands offer a completely different experience. They are the warmest Greek sailing destination and bare of vegetation. Visitors can enjoy crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements, the most famous one being Kos (only 2.5 miles in front of Bodrum).

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