Charter Gulets in the Eastern Mediterranean – Traditional and Affordable Rental Sailing Yachts for Blue Cruises

8 May 2016

Charter Gulets in the eastern Mediterranean are traditional and affordable sailing yachts for Blue Cruises.

Let’s start by a definition of the popular Turkish sailboat:

The Turkish word gulet is a loanword from the French “goélette”, meaning ‘schooner’. A gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted (more common) or even three-masted wooden sailing vessel from the southwestern coast of Turkey, particularly built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris; although similar vessels can be found throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Similar to motorsailors, Diesel power is commonly used on these vessels. Today, this type of sailing yacht, varying in size from 14 to 46 meters, is very traditional and affordable for tourist charters in Turkey, the Aegean Sea, Greece and up to Croatia in the Adriatic Sea.

Sailing on traditional gulets charter is the perfect way to enjoy the summer with your loved ones on the sea and under the sun. For those who want to feel the luxury of sailing on the Turkish Riviera and soak up the sun and sea, Allied Yachting offers spectacular voyages on traditional gulets.

Gulet cruising on the waters off Turkey is one of the best ways to explore the Aegean and Mediterranean atmosphere of its countries at the same time. Charter gulets offer the luxury of sailing on the Turkish Riviera.

You may have tried to stay in hotels, camping or using RV facilities during your holiday adventures, but none of them have the amazing joy of sailing on a traditional wooden Turkish gulet. Hand-crafted charter gulets are renowned as you see many of them in marinas along the Turkish and Greek coastlines. They have a 15 to 20 passenger capacity and most of them propose different itineraries to explore as well as private touring options for day-charter or weekly charters.

Preferred mainly by sea-lovers whose holiday understanding is to commune with the sea, gulet cruising, also known as Blue Cruises, are also on the top of the list of couples who are looking to get away from the crowd and families who want to spend some time together.

Charter gulet cruising in the Aegean Sea is considered to be a luxury vacation, but not only because they are the most traditional and affordable sailing yachts for Blue Cruises, but also because the all-inclusive gulets make you feel at home on the sea away from the summer crowds. Turkish beaches are always full with foreign and local tourists making it hard to find a sunbed, so gulet cruising is the best option if you want to have dinner at sea with friends and see nothing distracting except for the stars and moon. To have a dreamy holiday, gulet cruising on Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines is the way to go.


Many gulet cruises in Turkey are marketed under the name Blue Cruises or Blue Voyage and the different vessels in Turkey know well how to keep the balance between life on the water and at port since many of the cruising itineraries are more than five days. If you are planning to go on a Blue Voyage you can either select one of the scheduled itineraries or ask the captain to create a new route for you in accordance with your time schedule. Special itineraries are generally created for each charterer when a private gulet is rented. When you sail the Turkish Riviera or the Greek islands, you will find many isolated bays, marinas and lively destinations.

The time that you spend there is pre-determined if you choose one of the scheduled itineraries, but there are much more alternatives on private charters. You can also choose which gulet you prefer from among many different options from luxurious large gulets to smaller ones. Compared to the Italian and French Rivieras, Turkey is more affordable without undermining quality. While it is affordable for people who are looking for an economic cruise, Turkey is also a privileged charter destination for multimillionaires’ mega yachts, who are attracted to its marinas and coasts.

During your sailing vacation in Turkey there are also many fantastic spots for diving activities. Here are some Blue Voyage suggestions for your Turkish Riviera experience:

Göcek-Islands of Kekova

The Göcek-Kekova Blue Cruise will let you see famous destinations, including Ölüdeniz and Demre, which is thought to be the birthplace of St. Nicholas. Ölüdeniz is an attractive spot for practicing paragliding or watch the intrepid paragliders flying while enjoying a swim.

The last destination will be Kekova in the southern city of Antalya. Kekova is a region that boasts mesmerizing islands and is among the nominated sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Kekova includes bays, islands and historical remains of Lycian settlements, including Teimioussa and the sunken city of Simena. The Kekova region was declared a Specially Protected Area in 1990 to protect the region’s nature, culture and geography. In ancient times, Kekova was a small fishing village. Today, having been home to different civilizations, Kekova is one of the top tourist destinations in the country.


Focusing on the Mediterranean coast, this eight-day Blue Voyage will allow you to visit and discover Antalya, the most well-known tourist destination in Turkey. While you are starting off on your cruise you will see the elegant Antalya marina and all its yachts anchored in the Mediterranean Sea. You will drop anchor in the bay in Kekova and then head toward Kaş, one of the most untouched tourist spots in Turkey, with more than 25 diving sites, it is one of the most suitable places for scuba diving in the country and even included in the world’s top-100 diving destinations.


From Göçek, a small town in the Fethiye district of Muğla province, you can sail on a 15-day nonstop tour to see some hidden secrets and fascinating views along the coast. Göçek, with six significant marinas, is a great, eye-catching destination to start a cruise. When you start the cruise in Göçek, you will visit the Datça peninsula, lined with small bays and coves. When the 15-day tour finishes, the gulet will anchor at Bodrum, probably the most well-known tourist spot on Turkey’s Aegean coast. It is filled with many tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, historical sites, luxury hotels, restaurants and an intense nightlife. Described as ‘the land of eternal blue’ or the “Turkish Saint-Tropez”, Bodrum attracts a diverse population of vacationers who stroll along its long palm-lined waterfront as elegant yachts crowd the spectacular marina.


This Blue Cruise encompasses two countries with the same vivid blue sea. Starting from Bodrum, the cruise heads toward the Greek islands. The first route of the cruise leads to Rhodes, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean. From Rhodes, the cruise heads to Symi, again in Greece. Being part of the Rhodes regional unit, Symi has picturesque views that seem to go beyond true beauty.

The Turquoise Coast

Turkey’s Mediterranean shore, called the Turquoise Coast, is nearly 1600 km (994 miles) long, scattered with fine-sand beaches and sprinkled abundantly with classical cities turned to picturesque ruins.

The Turquoise Coast is the first place to think of when you’re considering a Blue Voyage vacation in Turkey. It has many private-like; natural beaches and almost hidden coves and bays than any other destinations in the whole Mediterranean.

The Taurus (Toros) Mountains form a dramatic backdrop along much of the coast, often dropping steeply right into the sea where pine forests meet turquoise blue waters, but in some places rivers have washed down enough sediment over the ages to form beaches backed by fertile alluvial plains, ideal for growing cotton, vegetables, and even tropical fruits like bananas.

Mini-Cruises and Day-Charters

If you do not have time to spend more than three or four days on the sea during your stay in Turkey, you still have an option to sail on mini-cruises starting in the Aegean. Compared to other cruises, it won’t be possible for you to spend longer times in marinas or bays, but they basically take you to the most renowned holiday destinations. If you would like to visit hidden coves that are not accessible by car, you can also hire a private gulet and take three to four day mini cruises. You can also consider day-charters.

Historic Cruise Tours

Since Turkey has many historical sites on its Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, sailing on a gulet also allows you to see historical sites. The most renowned among these historical cruises is the combination of Greco-Roman sites in the Aegean. The historical cruise tours make you feel as if you traveled to the past on the traditional gulets, which were also used during Byzantine and Ottoman times. The itineraries of the historic Blue Cruise include the ruins of Ephesus in the western province of Izmir, the white marble city of Aphrodisias, Didim, the city of Kaunos, the city of Alinda in Caria and many more. You can also choose your own destinations if you hire a private charter. You may consider combining your Blue Voyage with visiting historical sites and hiking the Lycian Way, which is one of the most famous historic destinations on the Aegean coastline.

Just like Motorsailors, Gulets are called with the “M/S” abbreviation. So, when considering to charter gulets in the eastern Mediterranean, the most traditional and affordable rental sailing yachts for Blue Cruises, please contact your Allied Yachting charter broker to verify availabilities and book your Blue Voyage on-board one of our rental gulets like M/S INFINITY, ZELDA, COBRA KING, COBRA III or ARTEMISIA.