Pre Owned Luxury Yachts French Riviera

24 October 2015

Before the summer season breaks into the horizon, every yachting enthusiast must try to get a good deal. Hence, if you’ve always dreamt to own a yacht like all billionaires who’ve almost taken up the French Riviera, then, you have stepped into the right place where you will be given the opportunity of making that dream come true. Indeed, pre owned luxury yachts in the French Riviera are a great possibility, definitely worth the time and effort which must not be neglected. Although your choice may perhaps be determined in relation to certain criteria of some inevitable characteristics, you can still however, reduce your acquisition budget while finding a high-quality luxury pre-owned yacht. We recommend you to get started beforehand, just after the boat shows held by the end of summer season each year in Cannes and the rest of the French Riviera, which would thus, enable you to access all possible opportunities on used boats, trade-ins and demo boats available there; or by the end of winter so as to timely complete your purchase before spring and summer.

The brand and the manufacturing year of the yacht, criteria which matter

Purchasing a yacht has never proven to be insignificant, for most people, it has turned out to be their passion, but when a real investment is dealt with, one must be thoroughly concerned on what the deal really involves, in order to prevent any disappointments or mistakes. Regardless if the yacht is new or used, you should be careful as not to jump into compelling offers overnight. Therefore, the most important initial criteria are the brand and the manufacturing year of the yacht. These criteria will render a preliminary overall idea on the condition of its components, and its propulsion system, in particular. In the southern France and Italian Riviera markets, you will come across amazing choices in the design, the hull material, the accommodations and the construction quality, which are perhaps much more diversified and competitive than anywhere else in the world. Always keep in mind that there are concrete and solid reasons behind why certain brands have better reputation than others, their yachts are simply are of better quality, and better serviced throughout the Mediterranean, but more importantly, they will have a superior resale value. Obviously, even if you feel the need to become a boat owner, this does not mean that you need to jump into the earliest possible opportunity. Moreover, we evidently and essentially recommend the experienced assistance from a nautical professional, whether it be a boat dealer or distributor or a yacht broker, and regardless if your choice is oriented to new boats or pre owned luxury yachts in the French Riviera

The boat’s condition and its maintenance history

Although choosing a used yacht, you still need to avoid paying a huge sum of money for its refit or refurbishment, after the purchase. In fact, even if it will necessarily require maintenance, modifications or decoration to your taste, it should still be within a reasonable budget. In reality, you should make sure to conduct an overall overview on the general condition of the boat and, on its propulsion system in particular. Furthermore, it would be useful to evaluate and estimate the maintenance quality that its previous owner had bestowed upon the yacht. Generally, most of the owners take the appropriate measures to properly maintain pre owned luxury yachts in the French Riviera up to the day when they are finally sold, but it’s always better to obtain proof of this with invoice copies on the maintenances carried out. If unfortunately, this maintenance proves to be deficient or insufficient, then you will certainly have to carry them out at your expense, in addition to other custom improvements.

Verify by yourself and with the assistance of an expert marine surveyor

With the Internet coming into play and starting to influence people’s lives, a number of Web sites sprung up offering pre owned luxury yachts for sale in the French Riviera along with many on-line brokers ready to provide you with a used boat. But in spite of this, you should verify the boat by yourself only when you find an offer that retains your attention. Thus, once you’ve chosen the boat you wish to consider, your next step should essentially be in verifying the boat’s condition through a certified surveyor and mainly to get into the yacht and try it out yourself on a sea-trial just to see if it’s exactly what you expected it to be. This professional surveyor must be independent and should help you to make a situational analysis based on the functional, technical and aesthetical aspects of the boat. He will predominantly examine, all the technical installations, the motorization or the sails in the case of a sailboat. He will also help determine if the running hours are accurate. This also constitutes a good condition guarantee, which will let you know whether it was properly and well-maintained and whether it has never suffered damage and/or other significant accidents or failures.

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