Yachting and Recreational Boating on the French Riviera

12 December 2015

Yachting and recreational boating on the French Riviera is historically one of the main activities of the region. Located on the French coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera has scarce competition in the entire world for its splendor and its glamour. The French Riviera, spread across the coastline from Marseille to Menton and in Corsica, its sunny beaches, its legendary ports, is famous for the glamorous cities of Saint-Tropez, Monaco and the Cannes Film Festival.

The French Riviera and the Principality of Monaco are the visited destinations by yachts during summer. 75% of the worldwide yachting industry’s activity flows through here from May to October, with two of the main European yacht shows (Cannes and Monaco), displaying all kinds of motor yachts and sailing boats of all sizes available on the market. The region officially launches the beginning of the recreational boating Mediterranean season with the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

Coastal cities are precious gems and the inland region is worth exploring. Take time to discover small villages high in the hills and enjoy our dreamlike landscapes filled with a great culture.

Yachting key figures

Yachting and recreational boating appeared in Cannes more than one century ago. Today, the region offers 900 km of coast, 132 marinas and more than 60,000 moorings. An average of 215,000 boats of all sizes sail our coastlines every year.

In order to make you feel comfortable in summer but also in winter, many skilled professionals will be attentive to your requirements and will be solicitous over the best services to offer you. Our professionals – each of them in their own occupation, brokers, boat dealers, charter agencies, shipyards and technical maintenance staff, develop a quality know-how worldwide renowned.

2400 establishments in the yachting and recreational boating industry are present on the French Riviera, generating 3600 employments and a total revenue of close to €1 Billion each year.

Unforgettable holidays

Amongst family, in couple or with friends, we invite you to discover or enjoy yachting and recreational boating on the French Riviera. Indeed this is one of the main activities offered by our marinas, our hotels located along the French Riviera. Recreational boating defines itself as a leisure marine activity, but also a leisure entertaining activity, it allows you to enjoy the sun with an average of 280 days of sunshine per year in our region, but it also allows you to take part in activities such as cruises and regattas. Therefore, it is impossible to regret or forget vacations on the French Riviera if you opt for recreational boats to celebrate happy events, host a congress or simply to spend wonderful vacations.

Set sail, attend the regattas that take place in our region every year, if you are lucky enough to attend these festivities, surely you won’t regret it!

Recreational boating on the French Riviera allows you to discover sea bottoms and the beautiful diversity of our marine flora and fauna, in the surrounding area of the Lérins Islands located at a stone’s throw away from Cannes. Imagine a long sea ride from Monaco to St Tropez with idyllic landscapes, on the rear deck of your yacht witnessing the sunset.

Always in a relaxed atmosphere, watch the famous fireworks in the bay of Cannes, which are not just any fireworks, but a world competition gathering thousands of amazed spectators, under these wonderful sparkling colors.

So, come and enjoy these rare, exceptional and original moments with Allied Yachting. Yachting and recreational boating in Cannes – Monaco – St Tropez. Out of love for our coasts, our passion is anchored deep in our heart in order to satisfy your requirements. Our enthusiasm to assert our expertise’s excellence is here to serve you.