Italia Super Yacht – New Boundaries in Construction of Luxury Superyachts

22 October 2016

Backed-up by over three decades of experience in Italian boatbuilding craftsmanship, Italia Super Yacht appears on the scene of the international superyacht market by the construction of two new light alloy aluminium 38 meter tri-deck superyachts, the ITALIA SUPER YACHT 38m.

Technical and mechanical skills of the Polo Nautico Di Viareggio allow the new shipyard to design, integrate and build the first models of the company. The project is backed-up by serious investors and moreover by over thirty years of experience of the Gianetti family, dedicated to the construction of reliable luxury boats. The company’s philosophy remains unchanged throughout the years; the main purpose is to sew the boat over its owner, as only an haute-couture tailor can do.

A key feature of the shipyard to keep a direct relationship with the customer is the family conduction and its historical staff, only few shipyards can offer this exclusive service. This guarantees a highly qualified after sale service by the real creators of the yachts.

While recovering of a nautical sector downturn, the Viareggio cluster, whose companies are recognized as ranking first in all the international yachting classifications, is now prepared for Italia Super Yacht’s courageous, innovative and highly advanced superyacht shipbuilding project.

Analysis of the structure of superyacht shipyards requires a number of complex considerations: it is important to note that superyachts represent a very special type of production because they are situated in the top range of the pyramid of luxury and currently account for about 40% in value of the world nautical market.

Luxury yachts are extremely costly products in the supreme luxury range. These ‘superyachts’ cannot fail to be privy to a very wealthy clientele that, in the glossary of high finance is defined as ‘ultra-high net worth individuals’. This elite category includes those highly demanding individuals with financial assets of over one hundred million Euros.

Italy has permanently retained its position as the world’s leading luxury yacht-building nation. The Viareggio cluster, whose ramifications extend throughout Tuscany, are the principal reference of the Italian shipbuilding industry and of its world-wide fame.

It may seem surprising that quite a number of yards which are far from large, have however a number of orders for yachts over 30 meters. But this is precisely due to the fact that the demand is growing and that Viareggio has achieved solid international renown as a producer of large recreational craft. A considerable number of small/medium-sized Italian yards have been set up in the wake of the rise in worldwide demand and the success of the Italian style. The presence of numerous medium-sized yards producing superyachts in Viareggio is a very obvious example of this phenomenon.

Alongside the yards in Viareggio, highly skilled workmanship is insured at very high level by the galaxy of accessories manufacturers of the local system, the districts, the suppliers and the third parties that surround the megayacht construction yards. Therefore, fine craftsmanship is not only an intrinsic feature of each central assembly yard, it is a standard throughout the Viareggio Polo Nautico.

In effect, Viareggio has become a ‘brand’, and producing in Viareggio is now a guarantee that Italia Super Yacht intends to honour.

The great fame of Italian production in this sector shields it, to some extent, from the challenge of competition by newcomers. However, the great Italian shipyards are already preparing to optimize their production and be more cost efficient in ultra-quality man labour, to consolidate their position against emerging low-cost manufacturers abroad.

By unveiling their two aluminium light alloy new 38 meter super-yachts with delivery in 2017, Italia Super Yacht intends to establish the brand as a solid ship builder. The decision to move into a larger size range came as a natural step from the success of the previous superyacht line-up. The new aluminium 38 meter tri-deck yacht models are designed to push the boundaries in what is possible in terms of luxury, volumes and performance in this size range, but to also prove what exactly Italia Super Yacht is capable of.

Whilst the specifications and details of these two models are already on our website, Allied Yachting will unveil further information and characteristics of these tri-deck 38 metre superyachts in due time. So, keep posted !

If you are considering building or chartering a new superyacht, reach out to Allied Yachting and we will gladly point you in the right direction. We are in permanent contact with the best in the industry.