France back into Lockdown for at least One Month

29 October 2020

President Emmanuel Macron announced that, starting from Friday October 30th, 2020, France will go back into lockdown.

Although a very unfortunate decision, the second wave of Coronavirus infections appears “bigger and deadlier” than the first, according to President Macron. That is why the epidemic must be “dealt a brutal blow,” he announced the nation.

Under the new measures, people will only be allowed to leave their homes to go to work, do their groceries, for a medical emergency or to go for a walk (near their home).

The tourism sector and non-essential stores will be closed completely, non-essential travel will be banned, and working from home (teleworking) is to be privileged by the French population, while schools and essential businesses will remain open.

Business trips will be acceptable, provided they are justified and cannot be postponed. Derogatory sworn statements will be used for this purpose.

These measures will remain in force at least until December 1st, as these new lockdown dispositions will be evaluated every two weeks.

As in the first lockdown in spring, all our services such as Sales, Charter, Brokerage and Management of Luxury Yachts, will continue to be available despite this difficult situation, and we will update you accordingly of any evolution or regulations in this respect.

The completion and delivery of 2 yachts presently under contract will be carried out in accordance with regulations, as most yachting activities are, of course, suspended in South of France.

At Allied Yachting, we do care. Therefore, if you are a Valued Client, Business Partner or Collaborative Broker, please expect to receive a call from us, verifying you are well and enquiring about your personal situation and requirements. If you are in an urgent situation where we can be of assistance, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to help.

Although we know we’ll have to work more and better than ever, we are also staying positive and optimistic, while consciously preparing the end of this second wave, which will certainly motivate even more opportunities for boat Buyers, Sellers and Charterers.

In the meantime, please receive our message of well-being and STAY SAFE!

Kind regards from the Allied Yachting brokerage team.