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Marina Di Portofino - Liguria - Italian Riviera - Berths and Moorings for Stopovers and Passage Rental - Exclusive Yacht Charter Destination - Very Limited Seasonal and Long Term Rentals


Находится: Italy, Portofino
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MARINA DI PORTOFINO is the most famous harbour in the world, symbol of beauty and exclusivity, it is nestled in the ancient fishing village charged with history. Today, Portofino is one of the most chic, trendy and romantic tourist destinations of the Italian Riviera (or Liguria).

Founded under the Roman Empire and named «Portus Delphini» after the dolphins that inhabited the coast, the small seaside town of Portofino, nestled in the heart of a natural park of the same name, is the most prized destination in the world for luxury yachting. MARINA DI PORTOFINO is actually a natural harbour with spectacular scenery. From the promontory, the view of the marina and the city is exceptional. But Portofino reserves many other pleasures for its visitors, like strolls in between its houses with coloured facades, or the exploration of the crystalline depths of its marine reserve. The town is home to several luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and trendy bars lining the famous «Piazzetta», where it is nice to sunbathe on a terrace.

In the middle of the natural peninsula formed by the entrance to the harbour, MARINA DI PORTOFINO forms a crescent moon around a quiet pool and can accommodate 220 boats and yachts, but the place is very limited. The majority of vessels that can berth in the port do not exceed 12 meters in length, although there are some posts for units up to 22 meters. Its main dock, Molo Umberto I, has 14 berths for larger units. Furthermore it is possible for two Megayachts up to 70 meters long, to anchor in Baia Cannone. In order to properly receive more yachts, 3 anchorage zones and 2 floating jetties 0.3 nautical miles outside the harbour have been designed to comply with ISPS security standards.

• Genoa — Cristoforo Colombo International Airport at 45 km
• The world’s most famous port
• Favourite destination of celebrities and personalities as the ultimate Italian seaside resort
• Privileged destination of Yacht Charters as a symbol of beauty and exclusivity throughout the world
• Picturesque and protected site, symbol of the Italian Riviera
• Chic, trendy and romantic port
• 4 and 5 star hotels such as the Splendido, the Nazionale or the San Giorgio
• Restaurants, trattorias, bars, terraces, local fresh produce market
• Shopping and haute-couture fashion stores
• Protected natural park and marine reserve
• Points of cultural interest such as Castello Brown, the Oratorio di Nostra Signora Assunta (Art Gallery) or the churches San Martino and San Giorgio
• Landing dock for shuttles, ferries and cruise ships
• Scuba diving

Latitude: 44° 18’,18 N
Longitude: 009° 12’,83 E
Total berths: 220 (most from 4 to 12 m)
Yachting berths: 16 (14 in Molo Umberto I for Luxury Yachts up to 40m, 2 x 70m Megayachts mooring in Cannone bay, more moorings in summer on 2 floating piers at 0.3 nautical miles outside the harbour (5 mn distance in tenders)
The transit dock Molo Umberto I allows the mooring of boats over 40 m long, while 8 buoys permit the mooring, without touching the seabed, for boats up to 18 m
Depth: Near the dock from 1.4 to 4m, near the buoys from 1 to 1.7m, in the port from 0.5 to 16m

VHF: Channel 12
Winds: Southwest — Sirocco winds; Side wind — Gregale; Lee wind — from the northwest
Entry: Wait at the port’s mouth, Speed limit below three knots and you must give way to boats coming out
Dangers: Be careful of two shallows with surfacing rocks — one is situated in front of the building of the Local Maritime Office just below sea level, the other (0.5 m) is starboard the fuel station
Anchorages: In settled weather, it is possible to anchor off in Cannone Bay just NE of the harbour. Depths here are 8 — 12 metres and the bottom is mud. In summer, 2 floating piers at 0.3 nautical miles outside the harbour (5 mn distance in tenders)
Yacht Repairs/Yards: Ship chandler, Limited repair facilities, Mobile crane (8 T), Fixed beam tuning crane, For haulage and launching of small boats on the ramp, with assistance of Marina di Portofino staff, Divers on request, workshops
Fuel station: Bunkering station on Molo Umberto I Dock open 8 am to 7:30 pm
Electricity: Available on the quays, 220V – 380V available in 250, 125, 63 and 32 A (for yachts over 22 meters)
Fresh water: Available on the quays at all stations
Conveniences: Sanitary facilities (toilets & showers), Wi-Fi, Laundry, food stores, Wine and food supply directly on board, Fresh produce market
Other services: Weather reports, fire prevention devices, Used oil rubbish and waste collection, Video surveillance

While it is very hard to obtain a stopover or short-term berth in MARINA DI PORTOFINO, Allied Yachting is always capable to successfully obtain berths and moorings for our charter yachts, as long as the reservation is entrusted to us with enough anticipation.

Occasionally, or for rental of berths in medium and longer term, we will need to offer you the neighbouring ports of Santa Margherita Ligure or Rapallo.

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