Types of Motor Yachts by Size

18 November 2015

To have a better idea of which type of motor yacht would best suit your needs; your Allied Yachting broker can advise you on the various options available on the market for new construction or pre-owned vessels. In the meantime, here is a summarized guide to the different types of motor yachts by size, as they’re called in the Mediterranean:

Motor Yachts by Size


A mega yacht is above 50 meters in length and designed for exceptionally big groups and larger families. They are attended by professional crews of several full-time members. They are the ultimate in size, facilities and luxury. These vast yachts can accommodate a large number of guests sleeping and cruising and have anything and everything from swimming pools, to discos, cinemas, conference rooms, spas and gyms. You will find them in the Mediterranean for summer and the Caribbean or the Persian Gulf in winter since most are designed for transatlantic range.

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A superyacht is above 30 meters in length and called as such for two reasons: its size and having a full-time crew. A superyacht is also usually associated with high purchase and maintenance costs and can boast any number of features, from Jacuzzis to cinemas. Distinctions between sail and motor are not usually made when defining a superyacht. They are usually equipped with an array of amenities such as audio-visual entertainment and water sports equipment.

Luxury Motor Yachts

Luxury motor yachts measure on or about 24 meters in length and are suitable for families and large groups. They are habitually crewed by permanent or seasonal crews from 2 to 4 members. As a general rule, they are spacious, stable and designed for pure comfort, which also makes them suitable for entertaining. They are also equipped with various amenities such as entertainment equipment and water sports equipment.

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Sports Cruisers and Flybridge Cruisers

The “cruiser” term is used to describe a boat with less than 18 meters in length. They can carry either the main deck and living quarters below or also a smaller flybridge. These models are known for their sporty and sleek looks but also compact and easy to manoeuvre by 1 or 2 persons. They are also referred to as a “Mediterranean” style boats, more adapted for day-cruising and relatively short navigation programs.

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