Yachts in Cannes

15 November 2015

The French Riviera has a lot of potential. It remains a very beautiful destination with wonderful vast sea shores of a blue immensity. Hence, it has always been a tourists’ privileged destination, as well as for celebrities and yachting connoisseurs, or for its inhabitants as the town is known for being most pleasant. Moreover, the region of the French Riviera hides an even more splendid destination, Cannes.

This town benefits from the most pleasurable weather and a unique landscape, allowing for a wide range of leisure activities. That is why it is the most favourite mooring spot for many yachts and the location for many unique events related to yachting. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the place holds the headquarters of one of the oldest associations of Yachts in Cannes.

The Old port and port Pierre Canto

If there are two sites that distinguish themselves in the beautiful capital of the cinema of the South of France, they are definitely the old port and the port Pierre Canto. These two destinations are the important events’ favourite spots. For the Yachts Cannes passionate, the Old port, accessible any time, is a splendid marina that hosts no less than seven of the most emblematic attractions of the city.

Of course we are talking about the Palais des Festivals, Cannes’s luxury and prestige symbol, but also the Jetée, the Pantiero, the catamaran area, the Saint-Pierre pier, the Max Laubeuf pier and of course, the Superyachts extension one of the most breathtaking attraction, without forgetting its heliport and its cruise ships dock.

As for the port Pierre Canto, it has one of the most modern and splendid marinas in the Mediterranean Sea. It can host 500 vessels, always getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, during the Cannes Yachting Festival of 2015, it welcomed more than 50 luxury yachts with an average of 32 meters in length displayed for sales or for charter. Additionally, other famous yachts are moored on these quays as well as the most famous luxury yachting agencies from the region such as Allied Yachting.

Cannes, absolutely breathtaking events

Cannes managed to establish itself as one of the most important capitals of luxury and prestige thanks to the incredible events it hosts and organizes every year. In fact, the foundation of its economy relies on a grandiose and mind-blowing building, in particular the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. This monument, witness of Cannes’ way of life, remains incredibly luxurious.

During the Cannes Yachting Festival, it welcomed no less than 50,000 visitors. The Palais des Festivals is the busiest spot in the city and is always packed with visitors and hosts prestigious special events. There will be an ORPACA concert and the Théâtre de la Vénus à la Fourrure.

Cannes is also a competition at the Régates Royales, which is very attractive regatta for the yachts enthusiasts. Gathering a bit more than 150 sailing yachts and sailboats, and 1500 people, it has been one of the leading events of this past month of September, because there was also the elegance competition and the sup Night festival.

Moreover, Cannes Yacht club, created more than 150 years ago, is the magnificent symbol of the tradition of yachting in Cannes. It also created its own sailing school and organizes its own events.

Yacht brokers and boat dealers: rivalry in quality

In fact, in Cannes, there is a multitude of Yachts in which you can spend your dream holidays or just a cruise in the heart of the Mediterranean sea in order to enjoy the scents of freedom in the Provence.

Consequently, in the long list of Yachts, you will find many yacht brokers and boat dealers with many years of experience who offer reliable, high performance and top quality vessels for purchase or charter. So, if you want to conquer the Mediterranean sea on your own yacht, brand new, second hand or for charter, Cannes is definitely the best venue to consider.